This Is Us

Hi y'all! I'm Alexis, but most of my friends call me Lexy. I am married to Casey, the love of my life and together we have three amazing boys, Charles, Davis, and James.  But let's go back to where our story began...

Casey and I met in college at SMU in Fall 2002 when he gave me a black eye in the ping pong room of our dorm, Virginia-Snider. It might not have been love at first sight, but we both fell hard and on April 30, 2003 we shared our first kiss while watching the sunrise from the top of Moody Parking Garage.

Clockwise: (1) The Proposal: April 30, 2006 (2) Graduation: May 20, 2006
(3) Engagement Photos: July 22, 2006 (4) The Wedding: September 2, 2006

Three years later Casey proposed on top of that same parking garage and we were married on September 2, 2006, a few months after I graduated. Of course, there are lots of amazingly wonderful adventures (both before and after the wedding) I could share, but for now: we adopted a beautiful little girl, Rory (our dog), in 2007, bought our little love nest in 2008, and started trying to expand our family in 2009.

Clockwise: (1) Crested Butte 2008 (2) Napa 2011 (3) Santorini, Greece 2006
(4) Findley Wedding 2009 (5) Fredericksburg 2010 (6 - Center) Family Photo Day 2007

Casey and I have nine nieces and nephews and have always known we wanted a house filled with the pitter-patter of little feet and laughter around every corner. Holding our child for the first time is something we both dream of. After years struggling with infertility, that dream came true and we welcomed twin boys in January 2013.

Before we had even settled into the Crazy Life of infant twin boys, God blessed us with another miracle and when the boys were just 10m old we learned we were expecting again.  The sixth member of our family joined us in July 2014, just 17.5 months after his big brothers were born.

We lead a pretty Crazy (Cass) Life and three boys in 18 months is certainly it's own brand of crazy.  But it's our life and we wouldn't want it any other way.  "[God] made the world to be lived in, not a place of empty chaos." --- Isaiah 45:18 and we are certainly living in it - with a healthy dose of chaos on the side!

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