About Alexis

Hey y’all. I’m Alexis and this is Crazy Cass Life. 

As Dr. SAHM, I’m the most over-educated mom in playgroup. And I love it. I have a heart for moms and hope that by blogging I can encourage other moms as we, together, create the next generation of warriors for Christ. 

Throughout our infertility journey, I poured out my heart. I shared the ugly. I shared the heartache. I shared my faith. Now, as a mom, I do the same. I’m an open book and want to share my real life with you. Here at Crazy Cass Life you’ll see half-dressed hooligans, spilled sippy cups, toys all over the floor, and toddler meals made of solely pretzels and fruit. You’ll read real research incorporated in my dissertation and my work. You’ll see my graduate level research skills put to work looking up and reviewing baby products and household goods. You’ll see me with no makeup and covered in spit up. You’ll see laughter. You’ll see love. You’ll see joy. You’ll see real life. 

I’m a PhD, a boy mom, and a total nerd who loves The Lord, a cup of hot tea, cheese, and rocking chairs. 

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