Mar 30, 2015


I miss blogging.

I miss the "me time."
I miss the community.

I miss having our lives chronicled so I can remember these sweet days.

I miss the amazing mamas I have met and had the opportunity to support. (and who have supported me!)

I miss blogging.

A lot.

I also miss sleep. 

And when I have an extra hour that I could spend writing a blog post, it currently goes towards sleeping.


James has decided that maybe he doesn't hate sleep quite as much as he used to.  He still doesn't sleep all night.  Not even close. But things are getting better.  And I have VERY high hopes that someday (though probably not someday soon!) I am going to regain my hour from 6 until 7.

When that happens, I will regain my oh so very needed and treasured time with God in the morning.  I will regain my moments to blog. I will regain my moments to read your blogs.  When that happens, it will be glorious!

Until that day, I am going to be a more intentional blogger and *fingers crossed* shoot for one-two posts a week.

Starting today. Because clearly this little rambling counts as a post!