Dec 12, 2015

Return to Blogging

I feel like I owe my six remaining readers an apology for my nine month hiatus. But honestly, my last apology for an absence was followed by sporadic posting and then crickets. While I would love to promise I am going to be more consistent this time, I'm not certain I won't throw up a few Christmas posts followed by a meager post about an almost amusing experience at the grocery store with the triad and then disappear again.

I miss blogging. I miss doing something for myself. I miss writing to encourage others mothers. I really miss everything about blogging. (Except photo editing. I don't miss photo editing).

I NEED this. I need something that is mine and not solely about my children or my husband. I NEED this space. So, I am owning that I fell off the blogging planet and doing my best to justify why this time will be different and this is my soon-to-be amazing comeback moment. And writing a Christmas post. Obviously.

And as an apology, a gratuitous photo of the triad. 

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