Dec 12, 2015

Jammies Cocoa Christmas

I'm It's a Jammies Cocoa Christmas! Sort of. A few years back I saw an amazing idea on Andrea's blog over at Momfessionals. They started a new family tradition: Jammies Cocoa Christmas (read her post here) based off a tradition in the Shull/Lowe family (which you can read about here and even has official "rules" for the occasion!) Since Christmas lights are my favorite thing about the season (Second to Jesus. And giving. And eating. Okay so not my favorite. But awesome.), it only makes sense that I added this to our Christmas world now that the boys are old enough.

Every night after dinner we read The Advent Book and get our Advent present. On Friday, our Advent bag had a note from Elf telling us to check the Santa bag. (That's a lot of bags!) When we opened the Santa bag we found a set of family pajamas from Southern Tots (Monogrammed. Obviously. #southerngirlsmonogramallthethings) and coupons for cookies. (So, we deviated. I didn't want hot cocoa spilled all over our new Christmas jams*** so we went to Starbucks for hot beverages for Mama and Daddy and cookies for the Crazy Cass Crew. It can still be a Jammies Cocoa Christmas right?)

We went to the Starbuck's down the street and sat and ate our cookies (and ran into a sweet blogger friend who was more than willing to take a million pictures for us and make silly noises to get the toddlers attention) and then headed out to see the lights. 

Helpful life hint: if you live in Dallas, don't make the mistake of going to the house with "all the Santa" (the one on Southwestern that also has the Big Tex head) first or your children might spend the rest of the drive asking for "all the Santa" and disappointed no other house can compete. 

If you haven't done a Jammies Cocoa Christmas with your family yet, this is a tradition you just have to adopt. It was so much fun and I look forward to doing it for years to come. Because no one is ever too old for Christmas Jammies and holiday lights. 

*** Why do stains on the Christmas Jammies matter one might ask. They are just jammies after all. Nope. Not just jammies. I grew up getting to open one special present on Christmas Eve and it was always special new Christmas jams that were treasured all year long. But, my kids aren't so excited about new jam-jams on Christmas Eve because that is the day the extended Cass family celebrates Christmas. Jammies from mom and dad will never compete with new toys from Nano and Papa. So I'm editing one of my most cherished childhood memories to fit our little family and the new Jammies came out for Christmas lights but still need to look clean and fresh and nice for Christmas morning photos!

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  1. Beautiful family pictures and a wonderful Christmas tradition to adopt!