Apr 9, 2015

let them be little method of potty training

A pediatrician in Oklahoma has a theory about potty training.  I know he's from Oklahoma and we have to forgive him for that.  Especially as a Texan, it's hard to trust advice from Oklahoma.  But basically, I'm in love with his potty training method.
He doesn't give it a name. It is just one short PDF
Before I describe his method, which I think I am going to adopt around these parts.  I have to confess that I am pretty much terrified of potty training two little boys at once. Let's repeat that.
Nothing about parenting, even parenting preemie twins, has intimidated me as much as the idea of potty training.  I know my boys are NO WHERE near ready for potty training yet. When I ask Davy if he needs a diaper he always says "No" even when I can clearly smell him. Tripp is a bit more compliant and will occasionally tell me he needs a diaper, but it's rare.  For the most part, the boys could care less if they are poopy and even less if they are wet.  (JMac is another story.  The baby hates to be wet!) 
I have gotten comments by outsiders about having three in diapers.  Comments that I "should" potty train the twins now. That they are too old for diapers. That my life would be easier.  Lots of opinion on what I "should" do.  Luckily, I'm the mom not these outsiders.  And I get to decide what I do.
So, I'm not potty training them.
I'm adopting the "Let Them Be Little" method of potty training. 
I am going to let my two year old twins stay young.  I'm not going to force them into anything.  I'm not going to confine myself to the house for a week and try and force it. I'm not going to take them to the potty on a schedule every hour for three days.  I'm not going to spend money on pull-ups.  I am going to wait.
  • I will be okay with diapers.  I won't make them an issue in our household.  If my child is in diapers it is okay. If all three of my kids are in diapers, well that's okay too. (It better be okay!  All three are in diapers!) 
  • I won't force the potty. The potty won't be something we have to do. It won't be a punishment.  It won't take away from the fun of the day. We have two potties.  They are sitting on the floor of the bathroom. They are rarely used.
  • In fact, the potty will be fun.  It will be awesome. It will exciting.  The boys are allowed to sit on their potties and read book.  I am trying to make it a fun part of the day.  The reality is right now, the potties just sit there. But maybe someday they'll be fun?
  • When they are ready.  Really ready. Tell me they are ready.  We will take away diapers. 
The average age for a boy to train is 39 months. This includes all those parents who push potty training and do it before age two.  So I know that we will be in diapers until AT LEAST age three.  And maybe even until four. And I'm accepting that.
So all you nay-sayers: This is the way it's going to be in my house.  My boys will choose when they are ready to use the potty. I have no doubt they will train before Kindergarten. I really hope they train in time for pre-school since a lot of the good schools don't change diapers. But we'll see. 


  1. Great decision! I tried the 3 day force method on my (now 5 year old) son when he was 2 and I collapsed to his tears and pleading to get off the potty. We stopped at day 1. I let it go and around 2.5 years old he wanted to go on a potty, especially in public bathrooms of all places. After more of this, he led us to stop diapers suddenly one day before he turned 3. Love this style of potty training!

  2. I completely agree with this. I did this with Iris (she had a lot of transition going on so we left it up to her). Andrew just turned three and has no desire to sit on the potty. He will be ready when he's ready.

  3. I am a firm believer in kids potty train easily IF they are ready. My daughter was 2.5 years old was trained with very little stress in 2 days, very few accidents and when she did it was because we would forget to ask. My niece was closer to 3 before she was ready. My friends have bragged about training an 18 months, who was having accidents daily until 5.

    You will know when they are ready to train.