Sep 29, 2014

Fall Favorites


It's totally fall. It may be 90 degrees and I got sunburned on Saturday but it is fall. If I believe it enough and just keep wearing my booties and jeans eventually it might cool off.

Until then, I know it is fall because these goodies are in stores!

I posted this morning about a few treats Casey picked up for me at the grocery store and I can now say with certainty that all three are clearly favorites under $10. I have no idea how much they cost. I don't go to the grocery store often enough to know. But I love them. And I'm sure none were over $10.

  • If you like pumpkin spice, you MUST try these pumpkin spice Oreos. I can't even begin to explain how amazing they are.
  • You also really should try these Pumpkin Bagels. I ate mine with Tofutti Dairy Free Cream Cheese Spread and it was a delicious treat!
  • (The Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cup was heavenly. But it isn't fall inspired so isn't making the cut for this particular favorites list. But seriously, amazing. And I will get more!)
  • I haven't gotten to share my normal pumpkin spice latte excitement because Starbuck's doesn't carry almond milk or coconut milk (or rice milk or hemp milk or basically anything I can have). (I am nursing a son with milk protein and soy intolerances so I am dairy and soy free. I also have a toddler with a severe dairy allergy. Confused by the difference between an allergy and an intolerance? Read this.) But, I just learned that a local coffee shop carries almond milk! I have no idea if they have pumpkin spice but you better believe I am going to find out! Even if they don't, a coffee shop with almond milk? Clearly a fall favorite under $10! For y'all locals, I'm referring to White Rock Coffee! (Love this tweet!)
  • I am not a candy corn person. I am firmly in the #anticorn camp. But, But. I can get behind these candy corn. They are marshmallows shaped like candy corn. Perfection! The boys and I enjoyed "s'mores" on Thursday with them. Okay so they weren't s'mores. We enjoyed marshmallows with graham crackers. Whatever. Same idea.
  • I picked up this pumpkin at Target and love the way it looks on my table. I'll share my fall décor later this week. I really need to take a few pictures! Anyway the pumpkin is on sale for only $8. So go grab one!
  • And in big news that has absolutely nothing to do with fall favorites... Today I scheduled my dissertation defense!! Casey and I celebrated with a yummy bottle of wine. That was decidedly a lot more than $10. Come October 17th we will hopefully be popping bubbly and celebrating my new role as Dr. Mom aka the most over educated mom at playgroup.


this, that, and another giveaway!

  • In our house, I make meal plans and grocery lists and then Casey goes to the store (either on his way home from work or when the boys are asleep). Occasionally I grocery shop, but for the most part getting out with all three is just too hard! Casey being the shopper means I get pictures like these texted to me. He knows me so well! Heck yes!
  • I don't hide my faith around here. If you read my blog, you should know how important my personal relationship with Christ is to my everyday life. Today, I'm asking all of y'all for prayers. One of the sweet sweet girls in my MOPS group is having surgery today to remove a cancerous tumor. Analyzing the tumor will help the doctors know the next steps in her cancer treatment. Annie is a young mom with two little ones and has amazing courage, strength, and most importantly faith.
  • Saturday we took the boys to the SMU-TCU football game. It was James' first game and he happily slept through it! The bigger boys were overwhelmed and a bit scared of all the noise, but liked looking around at all the people and throwing their hands in the air to say "uch-ow" (touchdown). Too bad SMU didn't score any touchdowns to cheer about!
  • We fulfilled our September goal of trying a Sunday School class at HPUMC. (Barely! It took us until the very last Sunday, but we did it!) It's really hard to judge a class on one experience, but we really enjoyed it and plan on going back.
  • On Saturday night, Casey's parents came to watch the boys (all three!) and we went out to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday. We're all getting old! But seriously, happy birthday Victoria! We went to Cane Rosso, a Neapolitan pizza joint and in really exciting news, they offer vegan cheese!! I ate pizza with cheese on it!! And it was delicious. Like unexplainably, amazingly delicious.
  • Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a Kinsa Smart Thermometer. You have until Thursday to enter! And as a mom with multiple kiddos to keep track of, I really find this valuable and I know you'll want one too.
  • The twins started wearing cloth diapers as soon as they were big enough to fit (10ish pounds) and I pretty much loved cloth. In fact, we even took cloth diapers on vacation with us last summer! When James was born we decided to do a month of disposables for all three boys until James was big enough to fit into cloth. So, after our month we got back into cloth and we were doing fine. Then staph infection hit our house (again) and the cream the pediatrician wanted us to use was a cloth diaper destroyer. It was bad enough for cloth that I didn't feel a barrier strip would protect the diapers, so we bought more disposables. I'm embarrassed to admit that I think we may have reached the end of our cloth journey. I just ordered another box of disposables for them. I didn't realize how overwhelmed I felt until I took something off my plate. Disposables are great. So easy! And we found a brand that doesn't give Tripp a rash! If you are looking for a good, non-toxic diaper consider Honest Company. I am using their bundle service but you can also pick them up at Target.
  • And finally..... I'm bringing you another fun giveaway today. We all know I'm not a fashion blogger, but I know other great bloggers who are! So I'm partnering with Erica Start Walking to bring you this giveaway. Erica Start Walking is packed full of fashion, recipes, crafts, and basically all of the domestic goodness I wish I blogged about. She is also adorably pregnant.
    But, this giveaway sing just for pregnant gals! FIVE lucky winners will receive a $50 e-gift card to 24/7 Frenzy, an online clothing store. Pop on over to their website to check out the fashion they offer. I'd personally spend my $50 on this (I love the pockets!). a Rafflecopter giveaway
    **Disclaimer: I have not been compensated for this post, for mentioning 24/7 Frenzy, or participating in this giveaway. All opinions are my own. I am not responsible for the delivery of the prizes.
  • Have an awesome Monday!

Sep 26, 2014

counting my blessings


Today is the Friday Favorites linkup with Andrea at Momfessionals and I love linking up because it is just such fun to think about every week. What were your favorite moments from the week? What are some things you are loving right now? I'm trying hard to write this post. But it isn't working for me. When I think of my favorites right now, all I can think about is this guy


and these guys


You see, last night we had a bit of a scare.


I was out late last night (like who do you think you are Lexy, you aren't a young whippersnapper anymore kind of late!) and Casey was home with the boys. I had an awesome time getting to know the ladies at my MOPS table (more on why I love MOPS here) and got home just in time to nurse James at midnight. After he nursed, I stayed awake to hand express the other side because I was a bit overflowing. And thank goodness I was awake.

Half an hour after I laid him down (in the RockNPlay right beside my bed) James threw up pretty violently.

He has horrible reflux and spitups ten-twenty times between every feeding so I'm pretty used to spitup (a friend described this level of spit up as "exorcist baby"). But, this was different.

This time I heard it come all the way up from his stomach not once, not twice, but three times all in a row.

And then he choked on it.

James definitely has a dairy intolerance and me going dairy free fixed a lot of things for him. He is no longer angry baby. He no longer has blood in his stool. But, something is still not right. He still spits up an abnormal amount. He breaks out in hives for a few hours at a time nearly daily. He still has mucous in his diapers and his spitup. Something is still not right.

Flipping him over and pounding his little back to help him get it all out and using my finger to swoop out the mucous-y part he was choking on was terrifying. And it isn't the first time I've had to do this. Something is still not right.

And I'm terrified.


I stayed awake holding sweet James until almost three, unable to let go of his tiny sleeping body.

I woke up every half hour to check on him and make sure he was breathing.

I have no idea how I am ever going to sleep again.

What would have happened if I had been asleep when he choked? What if I hadn't stayed out until midnight? What if I hadn't decided to hand express before bed? Would I have heard it? Would I have woken up?

I'm terrified.

And everytime I try and write about my favorite moments from the week (and we had a good week!) or some of the awesome things the UPS man has brought lately, or the cute fall decor I've had out for two weeks now but still haven't photographed, all I can see is my family. All I can see is JMac's sweet sleeping face.

So this week, my Friday Favorite is our family photos taken by Picturesque by Haley on Sunday. This morning, my favorite is my family.



Today, I am holding my babies a little tighter. I am appreciating them a little more. I am in awe of these blessings God has entrusted me with. I am terrified of all the things that can harm them. I'm afraid to sleep. I'm ready for things to change and sweet James to get better.


Today, I am on my knees in front of God. I am thanking Him I was awake. I am thanking him for protecting my baby. I am asking Him to continue guiding us and loving us and protecting us. I'm acknowledging that I can't raise these boys on my own. Casey and I need God in our lives. We needs Him. Today and everyday we need Him.



And, on a lighter note.... Did you see the fun giveaway I'm hosting? The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is the world's smartest thermometer. It's techie. It's fun. It's easy to use. And Kinsa is giving one to a lucky Crazy Cass Life reader! So make sure you enter!


Sep 24, 2014

Say "ah" Giveaway: Kinsa Smart Thermometer

If you know me at all, you know that I can be a bit obsessed with organization and records. In fact, when the NICU nurses told me to track the boys diapers and eating habits, I went overboard. When I needed to track pumping amounts, I did so to the milliliter. And I did it all with on my iPhone, so I had my records with me every time I saw the pediatrician. I wrote about my breakup with records for the twins and how hard that was for me.

Well, I am back on the recording everything train for baby James. I still use Total Baby to track nursing, diapers, bottles, and sleep, but I have a new app I love as well. With all of the great records and data I have for everyday life, I wasn't tracking temperatures and fevers. I never knew if a fever was slightly higher or lower than the time before. I didn't write this down!

The new Kinsa Smart Thermometer changes that for me. Basic health is going decidedly high-tech in the Cass house!

First, the actual thermometer.

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is a sleek little number. It is a thin blue tube and, unlike the cheapie thermometers, it is flexible so it doesn't push uncomfortable against your tongue which I love. At the end of the thermometer you won't find a display, instead it has a 3.5mm plug that can either go directly into your phone's headphone jack or you can use the included extension cord (which I find makes it much less awkward and let's the kids see the phone while you are taking their temperature).

The Kinsa App (free on iTunes)

The first time you plug it all in, the Kinsa iPhone app walks you through the set up process. Basically, you just plug the thermometer into the included calibration device and answer a few questions. Handy voice-guided instructions guide you through the quick and easy process so even if you aren't very techie, you can handle this!

From then on, taking a temperature is as simple as tapping the method (oral, under arm, or rectal) and following the on screen instructions.

It takes roughly ten seconds to read via mouth or armpit. (I never tried rectal. IMO once a thermometer has been used rectally it can never be used for anything else or anyone else. I like this little gizmo too much to limit it like that!) While it is taking the reading, the top of the screen shows a blue progress bar and the bulk of the screen has animated blue bubbles. The twins LOVE the bubbles. We took temperatures over and over (and over and over and over) again so they could watch the "buh-buhs" float around. Tripp could not get enough!

After it gives the temperature in a nice, large, easy to read font, the app let's you select your symptoms and save the readout and symptoms to your profile. I set up a profile for all five of us and it is great being able to easily track and remember who felt like what and when.

One feature I would love to see is an ability to sync between devices so I have records in one location even if it is my husband who takes the boys temperature with his phone. I also think a future update could make the bubbles interactive by making them pop or do something. At 20 months, just watching the bubbles is exciting, but I can see that an older child might need a bit more to hold their interest. I would also love if the app tracked a bit more information, such as if a temperature reading is after giving your child Tylenol/Advil or is undrugged (although I have it on good authority that an app update is in the works!).

So basically, I highly recommended this thermometer. It's fun. It works. It's easy to use. And, it gives you great data points to track. This is how thermometers should be and the integration possibilities have me giddy. My nerdy almost-PhD side is shining through here :)

Currently, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer is compatible with iPhones and some Android devices (the complete list is here) and an app update in the works will make it compatible with the iPhone 6. (I'm curious if it will link into the new iOS 8 health kit. We'll see!)

If you have a compatible device and would like to try a Kinsa Thermometer, you're in luck! They are giving one away to one happy Crazy Cass Life reader! Or you can buy one from Kinsa or on Amazon.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer used in this review was provided by Kinsa Health, but all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

Sep 22, 2014

When you're having a day

Do you ever have those days where you are just have a day? Everything is off. Things aren't going your way? That was yesterday.

First thing in the morning, Casey and I got in a tiff that was just us miscommunicating and not worthy of a fight. But it was a fight. And we didn't have time to talk it out. So it escalated. What was a small tiff got bigger and bigger as it remained unresolved. Not a good way to start the day. We were having a day.

We got all three boys up, fed, and bathed and ready for photos. James spits up in the car like whoa (absolutely drenched after every car ride) so we put his little button up and jeans in the bag to take with us along with back up outfits for everyone in case of spit up. We got the twins dressed and ready and started to load up the car. And then Tripp had a blowout. All over his picture day pants. Tripp was having a day.

We got to downtown McKinney and started unloading the car only to find James' button up had somehow been left at home. All of my work planning outfits and James was going to have to wear his backup outfit! And no one in the photos would match me in cream. James I was having a day.

We got Davy out if the car only to find that his diaper had leaked all over his picture day pants. His spare jeans weren't quite long enough so he's showing some ankle in basically every family photo. Davy was having a day.

By the time we got all three kids and our stuff out of the car we were late for photos and sweating. Crazy, dripping sweating. Ya see, when I started picking out clothes for photos the weather looked nice and fall-ish so I went with fall pieces (long sleeves, jeans, boots) but it turned out the forecast was wrong and it was HOT. Like really hot. And we were all sweaty and flustered. We were having a day.

The boys didn't want to sit or stand and have a picture taken. They wanted to run and explore as toddlers do and got pretty upset when we tried to put them in the pile of leaves. They were having a day.

Thank goodness God created the new day! When you're in the midst of a day, you know there is always tomorrow.



“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23

If you think your day has been bad, check out Lamentations. This book of the Bible tells the tale of the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple under the Babylonians. The survivors either fled, became slaves, or a few were left to live under the brutal rule of the occupying force. But they new each day came new compassions and mercies from The Lord. Each day was a chance to start again. Despite their circumstances, or maybe because of them, they had hope for a new day and faith that God would provide.

Even on the worst days, God's faithfulness is great. Even on the worst days, God will provide.




Happy Monday y'all! And even more exciting, happy first day of fall!

It's a new day. It's a new promise. Yesterday is over! Gods mercy and compassion and provision are new for today!


And, despite our day, the photographer sent us a seak peek of the pictures on Facebook and they look amazing! (While you're looking at the pictures, take a second and "like" CrazyCassLife on its new Facebook page.)


Other highlights from the weekend:

  • There is a reason we need professional pictures. Yet another weekend passed us by without me taking a single photo! Fail mom. Fail blogger. I took one Friday afternoon. Does that count?
  • Casey had his monthly poker night on Friday and I sat at home and caught up on the DVR while eating s'mores. Perfection!
  • Saturday morning, I got a new phone! The battery on my three year old iPhone 4s was completely shot (only lasting 2 hours between charges) which isn't the safest when I'm alone with three boys at home and running errands. We went to the mall to return a few things to Nordstrom and popped into the Apple store to look at the new phones. The line at the Apple store to purchase was c.r.A.Z.y. and who has time for lines when you're out with kids? But, when we walked by the AT&T store we saw they had phones and no line!
  • Saturday night we had dinner with Casey's family to celebrate his mom's birthday. The boys were absolute disasters, but it was nice getting to see everyone!
  • Sunday, we skipped church and headed to downtown McKinney (my hometown) to have photos taken. We've already seen a sneak peek of a few images and I'm excited!
  • After pictures, we went to lunch with my mom and her fiancée. The boys melted. Noticing a trend? They don't have the patience to wait for food!
  • Our DVR is going to busy this week and I am so very excited for all of my fall shows! We watched the Cowboys game yesterday so didn't have a chance to check out Madame Secretary (a new show this season I'm excited about.) After we watch it I'll let you know what I thought. Tonight Blacklist comes back, but Casey is out of town so we won't get to watch. But come Wednesday night, TV time is on!

Sep 19, 2014

Friday Favorites - Fall Cards

I'm pretty much in love with fall. Football. Cooler weather. Boots. Scarves. Pumpkins. Not much wrong with it! 

There is just one thing missing.  In the winter your mailbox is full of Christmas cards.  In the spring you get all of the wedding invitations.  In the summer (or at least this past summer!) came all of the baby announcement and shower invitations. But what good mail do you get in the fall?

I hereby propose we all agree to send fall cards.  Because really fall photos?  Worth sending.  If I had sent fall cards last year I could have used any one of these photos. Wouldn't seeing these in your mailbox have made you happy?

If I was going to send fall cards this year (And lets be honest, I haven't sent a birth announcement yet. It's unlikely I get around to a fall card.) I would choose one of these designs.

My boys grandparents are local so they see the kiddos regularly, but I know they would all love to see this in the mail!

I love the simplicity of the design. And of course the random people in the photo are pretty much perfectly posed. So cute!

Thankful for grandparents? Adorable!

Perfect for a sports loving birthday boy this season!

Technically, this is a Valentine's Day Card, but since these are all completely customizable, it easily changes into a just because I love you card.  I might need to order this one for Casey!

I can't with this.  I'm still laughing. And yes. I am nerdy enough that word puns are punny funny. Nope even I can't go so far as to type that.

All of these cards are from Treat.  I ordered a few cards from them in the spring (a Father's Day card which is still proudly displayed in the twins room, graduation cards for our three graduating family members, and a few birthday cards).  All of them were amazing quality, totally personalized, and I didn't have to go to the drugstore.  In fact, for one of the cards I tested the Treat service that even mails the card for you (for only the cost of the stamp!).  I am so impressed by Treat and the product and service I have gotten.  I want to share the love.  Use this link and get your first card free from Treat!

I'm linking up with Andrea for Friday Favorites.


Sep 18, 2014

Winning at Momming

In yesterday's snippet post, I alluded to our amazing awesome day on Tuesday. I am #winningatmomming. But not for the reasons you think.

We started our day at Open Gym. It was our first time there and the boys dove right in playing with the hula hoops and balls.
Then we bounced for a bit. Well, we explored bouncing things. They haven't quite figured out the trampoline yet.
Then Davy decided to tackle the big slide.
His first try, he climbed right up the stairs and with no hesitation went down the slide on his tummy.
Tripp saw his brother do it and decided to climb up too.
After Open Gym we picked up nuggets at McDonald's and ate in the car. The floor suffered but the boys loved it! A quick (too quick!) car nap and the four us tackled Target. We went for almond milk and diapers. We left with a full cart! But we were still smiling in checkout.


I'm not sharing our awesome day to brag (or at least that's not the big motivation). It's just the opposite!


So many days lately I have felt in the trenches. I feed them. I change them. I dress them. I change diapers again. I hold them when they cry. And I repeat. Some days I manage to bathe them. Occasionally we brush teethe (but never twice a day like we should). I am in trenches and I am out of breathe. I am racing and exhausted. So many days I feel like I am failing.

At face value, it sounds so easy. My job is to take care of three little boys, but it is more than that. It's not so straightforward. It's not so easy.

Each day is filled with self-doubt and guilt. Am I doing it right? Am I doing enough? Did I handle that well? And then comes the full blown tantrum in public and I feel all the eyes in Target staring at me and my bad momming. Clearly I'm doing something wrong because my not yet terrible two is completely melting down and my newborn isn't angelically asleep in the carseat. In fact, my newborn hates the carseat with every single fiber of his little being. And we haven't even touched on the public spectacle we are in the parking lot when both of the twins use their little arms to hold onto the frame of the car so I can't get them into the car. So many days I feel like I am failing.

I need to give myself grace. And on the days when it is all falling apart I need to remember Tuesday. Not because it was the perfect momming day, but because I am capable of this. I can do it! I am #winningatmomming.

And so can you mama!

You can do this!

Because mama, when your darling isn't so darling and has a tantrum in Target just remember that a meltdown is just a meltdown. And the folks staring at you are remembering when their littles did the same thing. Honestly, right this moment a child is melting in a Target. Probably more than one! You aren't alone. You aren't failing.

When the infant is crying and refuses to sleep, you hold him. You bounce him. You rock him. Nothing works, but you aren't failing. You are giving him exactly the love and attention he needs. You can read all about the "perfect parenting methods" online and in the parenting books, but the truth is none of us have this mom thing figured out. It's okay to not know exactly why the baby is crying. None of us know. Anyone who claims they do is lying. You aren't failing.

Mama, you know you’re not failing.

Think of everything you do each day. You offer kisses that make booboos disapear. You give smiles of encouragement. You make at least three meals a day (tell me I'm not the only mom with kids who sometimes need second breakfast or two lunches?). You read books. You change clothes. You provide food and shelter and encouragement and most importantly love. You work without stopping doing everything you can for your babies.

You aren't failing.

And neither am I.

I'm going to finish the Open Gym story...

Do you see Tripp up there at the top of the slide?
He hung out up there nearly ten minutes with me at the bottom shouting words of encouragement. He climbed up without hesitation. But at the top he was scared. He didn't know what to do. He cried out for his ma-ma-ma. Eventually I had to hand James off to another mom (who I just met that morning!) and go help him.

You see, I'm not #winningatmomming because we went to Open Gym and it was amazing. I'm not winning because I tackled Target with three kids and no one melted.

I'm winning because when Tripp was scared he called for me. I'm winning because as his mama I was able to make it better. I threw off my shoes and climbed up there with him. I held his hand and slid down next to him. I was there for him. I made it better. I'm winning at momming.

When you can make it better, when your child turns into you during the scary stuff and the hard stuff, you are winning!

We all have good days and bad days. But that doesn't matter. Your kid remembers the love. Your kid remembers that you are "their person." Your child needs love not Pinterest crafts. They need attention not perfectly cooked meals. If your child turns into you, then you are doing it right. You aren't failing!

And you will never fail mama!

Because on the hard days, the scary days, God can make it better. God is their for us at the top of the tall slide. He throws off His shoes and climbs up. He slides down beside us holding our hands. God let's us win at momming. God helps us win at momming. God sets the example for us to follow. Through God and because of his grace we can all win.

We are #winningatmomming. We can do this!

I'd love for you to show me the moment you won at momming. The small moment you knew you were doing something right.

Maybe, like me, it was when your scared little one turned to you for help.

Maybe it was when your child sat in your lap and you read books all day long.

Maybe it was when your shy son had the confidence to order for himself at a restaurant.

Maybe it was when the baby cried just for you in the middle of the night and needed all the snuggles.

Maybe it was when your daughter responded to the mean girls with kindness because you had taught her how.


So, tag that moment when you knew you were doing something right with #winningatmomming and let's share our successes.


Sep 17, 2014

Wednesday Week-Day

Wednesday Week-Day -- a whole week of posts condensed into short snippets and posted all together!


Me and three kids in the Nordstrom fitting room.

On Friday I took the kiddos to the mall. By myself. I said I needed to. I said I would. And I did. And we survived. Being completely honest, part of the reason we survived is because Casey met us there so I was only alone for like an hour and had help before the baby needed to nurse. But, I did it!! I went to Northpark with three kids! This honestly deserves a full post, both to show to the true excitement of the milestone and to share tips for other moms, but a full post isn't in the cards this week.


The first choo choo ride.

On Saturday my local moms group, the Lake Highlands Area Early Childhood PTA had it's annual kickoff party. It had lots of fun things, but my boys only had eyes for the choo choo. Everytime we have gotten in the car since then, Davy wants to know if we are going on a choo choo. Poor Davy! Not many car rides end in awesomeness like that.


A whole family choo choo ride. Even James rode! I'm wearing him in the Lillebaby.

Also on Saturday, the boys were diagnosed with a staph infection. Again. I'm so over this. I'm also over having to pay for disposable diapers so we can fight it. Diapers are expensive y'all!! And since we buy our diapers at Target you have to tack the Target entrance fee on and it makes the diapers REALLY expensive!


We went to church again on Sunday. This makes three weeks in a row. So basically we win. Except we won't be going next week. We posted our goal at the beginning of the month to try the new your families Sunday School class in September. Since we won't be there this Sunday because of family photos, that leaves the 28th as our only shot. No pressure or anything.


I'm stepping WAY outside of my comfort zone to post this. But here it goes. I nurse in public. If a baby needs to eat, he needs to eat. But I always use a cover and practice modesty. Extreme modesty. Well, Saturday night at dinner I didn't have a cover or a lightweight blanket with me. And James needed to eat. So, I was brave and I nursed in public without a cover. And now I'm being brave and sharing this picture with the interwebs. #letsallbebrave #beyoubravely I shared once before about my breastfeeding journey and then gave a bit of an update when I guest blogged on The Breastfeeding Diaries, but it's probably time for another breastfeeding post. Add it to the queue.



I did a full post a few weeks back about a new makeup brand I'm trying. I'm still really impressed with my Younique makeup. Well, all week I've been "hosting" a no pressue event. Basically, I share this link and if enough folks buy through it I earn a free mascara. So, if you have been even remotely considering trying a Younique please please go buy through my link. Today is the last day and I'd really love to earn free makeup! (Did you see where I wrote diapers are expensive? Yep. I need free makeup!)


One eye with 3d lashes. One eye regular. Which eye would you rather have?

The twins have both had their first haircut. Davy had his in January. Tripp had his in March. But so far, all trims were by either my mom or I. On Monday they got big boy haircuts. I just can't. Tripp was SO serious during his haircut. The kid is such a ham with so much personality. Apparently when you bring out the scissors his silly goes away though. Davy sat in my lap for his haircut and happily munched on crackers.


Letting Kristin cut their hair.
I also got my haircut.

Yesterday I won at momming. #winningatmomming is totally going to be my new thing by the way. I actually am going to do a full post about yesterday. So be on the lookout!



And finally a quick little linkup....

I’m the type of person who sometimes takes life too seriously. I'm not a lighthearted, easy going type. I'm the serious type. I'm the think things through type. One of the things I love about my husband is that he is also the serious type. Yet, when we are together we giggle. We laugh. We joke. We bring out the silly in each other!



My favorite joke or riddle is hmph. I almost went to google and find a "favorite" but let's be real here people. Have you ever heard me tell a joke? I didn't think so! I have no sense of comedic timing, even my silly stories fall short some nights (just ask Casey!). Nope. Not funny. Just nope.



All that really matters is love. Some days are rough. Some days the kids keep whining. The laundry is piled everywhere. The baby nurses nonstop. Somedays it feels like the world is caving in. But mamas, I promise you that it gets better. So on those days (and we are having a week! Two year molars. Aye Carumba!), on those days give your kiddos an extra squeeze mamas. Say a quick prayer asking God for patience. God loves you. God wants what is best for you. So offer up a prayer asking for His help and thanking Him for His love and His grace. Goodness knows we don't deserve it and we certainly need it.


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