Feb 28, 2014

A (Not So) Triumphant Return

I used to blog here. Pretty regularly. I don't remember when that was.
Well, actually, I do.
It has been 7 months since I have sat down at the computer and written a blog post. And, honestly I miss it. A lot.
I miss writing about the boys milestones and remembering the small details of what they do each month. I miss quick posts to document fun weekends. I miss putting my thoughts down. I miss talking about my God and His influence in my life. I miss writing about my dissertation and attempting to share a bit if my research. I miss all the random and sometimes chaotic things I used to write.
I don't even have a great excuse for my absence. I don't have much free time, but I didn't have much free time when the twins were infants and I managed to blog then.

So I'll go with the truth:
I've been napping during nap time. I've been reading during nap time. I've been catching up on truly quality television during nap time (ya know shows like Vampire Diaries and Covert Affairs and Millionaire Matchmaker. Quality I tell you!)

I haven't been using nap time the way I should.

Oh, and naptime has shortened. I'm lucky if I get 45 minutes nowadays. So by the time I eat and fold laundry it's almost over!

To be quite honest, I lack the mental ability to put a sentence to paper. I think in terms of b-b-b-ball and m-m-m-more nowadays. And since most days I don't manage to get out of the house I lack interesting things to write about. And without long naps I don't even get to keep up with current events the way I'd like. So I can't rely on those for interesting writing material. I have nothing but the antics of my boys and my dissertation material.

Which should be discussed because I am back on the dissertation writing train! After a year of interruptions from bed rest and infant twins I am once again making great progress! Woohoo!!

I'm going to try and write for 20 minutes a day every day for the next week. Each day I will post whatever I can. And *attempt* to catch you all up on Our Crazy Cass Life!

In the 7 months since I stopped blogging, my baby boys became toddlers, we threw them a roaring good first birthday party, I started working on my dissertation again, Davy started crawling, Tripp started crawling, Davy took his first steps, Tripp took his first steps, Davy started waking, Tripp said his first word (more but he can't form a mm sound so it sounds like nanana), Davy said his first word (doggy), oh and the kicker: I'm pregnant.
So we are "those people" who spent tens of thousands of dollars on fertility treatment and then accidentally got pregnant right afterwards.
I would write about the pregnancy announcement but it took me a week to write our Facebook accouncement so I will share that:
Tripp and Davy at 10 months. The day we learned they would be big brothers.
The only belly shot I've taken so far this pregnancy. Christmas Eve with my non-existent belly.