Dec 2, 2014

Fa La La La La

As a firm believer mild observer of the no Christmas before Thanksgiving tradition (who is married to a firm believer), we have almost finished decking our halls. Despite my pleadings that it is a short Christmas season and our boys would love to have the tree and train for longer, Casey didn't get the decorations out of the attic until Sunday. And I love him for his staunch love of Thanksgiving! So, I spent Monday furiously decorating. Which means today I'm heading to Michael's to get the few things we need to fill in the gaps. But, today is the Christmas decor linkup. So today you can see our mostly complete decorations!

The Dining Room.
Walking on the wild side attempting to use some of my mercury glass with two toddlers.
Also, new hutch!
The Kitchen.
Love this style of German wooden decor.
I have a beautiful (and huge) wooden one that spins, but no safe place for it to sit this year.
Fun in the Family Room.
Tree for Christmas Cards and Twine to display all of our past Christmas cards.
Next on my to do list: design our 2014 card!
And KoKo the surprise manger visitor.
Nativity in the Family Room.
The boys QUICKLY learned how to make Cowboy Santa sing and dance. They are loving it
Sweet dog on the undecorated tree,
Decorated tree!
Geotrax going around the Tree and visiting North Pole village.
I grew up with Christmas trains and I'm excited to share this tradition with my boys!
The Reason for the Season. Our nativities.

Not pictured: the small tree in the gameroom. It used to go in my office (so it's pink and green!) but the boys were excited to see it in their play space.

Not done: Advent calendar. A bit more red on the tree. A bit more red on the mantle. Without greenery (which would be too tempting to pull on) it needs more oomph.


  1. I love your decorations!! My favorite part is the extensive Little People nativity collection :) :)

  2. My mom has a similar Little People Nativity scene as well! Love the decorations! I put some of mine up but I need to hang the rest!

  3. When did you get your German pieces? We just got a lighted arch this year but the spinning pyramid was too expensive. I love your nativities and train!