Nov 6, 2014

twins plus one in costume

Probably everything that can be said about the complete joy of experiencing holidays through the eyes of your children has already been said. I'm really not sure what I can add. Toddlers are cute. Costumes are cute. But watching your costume clad toddlers erupt in smiles of pure joy is an experience I won't soon forget.

Our neighborhood doesn't trick or treat. We have a huge block party with the streets blocked off, hot dogs grilling, a bounce house, and carnival games where the kids can win candy. For our little guy with a serious allergy, I love that the candy doesn't take center stage.

But, enough words. You're all here for the pictures!

Family photo by the professional photographer.

Casey and Davy about to play some basketball.

Tripp is checking it all out.

Daddy and Davy.

Lion and Tigers. Oh my!
No bear. Baby bear was sleeping.

The sleeping Baby Bear.

The block.

Yummy hot dog!

Showing Tripp the First Place ribbon our family won for "Most Adorable"
Tired Tiger Tripp.
He thrives on routine and knew it was too late to be awake.
Poor guy was sitting in the stroller saying "night night" over and over.

More hot dog eating.
Daddy and Davy both like eating!

If you squint, you can tell that the boys buckets glow in the dark. So fun!

Davy Lion tossing his bean bag.

The bean bag toss was a hit!

Tripp stopped saying "night night" long enough to play with beanbags.

Happy Halloween!


  1. That is so cool that you have a block party instead of trick-or-treating!! That sounds like way more fun to me!!

  2. Cute idea on the costumes! Are you already brainstorming for next year? Our neighborhood did hotdogs for the first time this year and apparently there was a good turn out. You guys look like you had fun!