Nov 17, 2014

My Mom's Wedding

This is the post I should have written last Monday. About last weekend. Not the one we just had (which also deserves a post) but the one before that. I have a lot of posts built up from the last week and a half, but I haven't been getting enough sleep to blog. Between the final stretch of dissertation work and JMacs opinions on sleeping, life has gotten in the way.

But no matter how busy I am, I can't not share all about my mom's wedding weekend!! My dad passed away eleven years ago and it was such a blessing to see my mom no longer alone and SO happy.

I'm warning you now. It's a long post. But the video about halfway through makes the whole thing worth your while. Promise! 

Dewey Howell and Marion Miller
Seriously, so happy!

The weekend started a bit rough for the Cass family. Friday afternoon, Davy got into the diaper cream. And decorated the little man suits. He didn't get the memo that only the bride wears white to a wedding.

Thank goodness for same day dry cleaning!

Saturday, both families met for the first time. It was great meeting Dewey's kids and grand kids. And with all of them plus all of us, my sister's house was a zoo! My mom has three kids and eight grandkids. Dewey has two kids and six grandkids. For the math challenged, a full family photo has 26 people in it! No one had a camera out for dinner on Saturday, but here we all are at the wedding on Sunday.

The first three rows are the "immediate family" and the fourth row folks are the amazing family who came to town to celebrate.

So technically, I now have step siblings and step nieces and step newphews. But at 29 those words seem weird. Luckily, the people weren't weird and Dewey's family seems very normal and very nice! They all live out of state so I'm not sure how frequently we will see them, but they seemed like really great people.

James was a little stinker Saturday night and after a whole three hours of sleep (and not even three continuous hours!) we were ready for the wedding Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful, family-focused ceremony. And that's enough words so get ready for photo overload!

I fail as family organizer and didn't get any family pictures! Luckily Casey's mom snapped a few. Love this picture of Casey with his oldest boys.
In the pews.
Tripp posing with the flowers.  And his "na-nee" because we wouldn't want to celebrate a wedding without that!

I mean seriously. How perfect is this.
Megan and Davy

Enough cute shots of my kids.  Lets see the wedding!

Megan played the intro song on the piano while McKinley and Maddie were flower girls.



Courtney sang a beautiful song.

Grace did a great job leading everyone in prayer.

And then the four oldest grand kids did the Bible reading.

The choir sang.

Reminiscent of when the choir sang at my wedding 8 years ago!

Okay sorry back to my mom's wedding.  We're getting to my favorite part.  The ring bearers.  Dewey's two youngest grandsons joined Tripp and Davy as the cutest ring bearers ever.  No one trusted T&D with the actual rings (I mean really! Why wouldn't you trust those sweet faces!) so the older boys carried the rings and the tots brought my mom flowers. Let the cute ensue.
Everything seems so calm and orderly...

Then rings, vows, first kiss. The typical mushy gushy wedding stuff.
It's my mom. I don't have to show the real kiss!  Check out the full gallery for that part.


Then to continue the whole family theme, they forced all of us on stage to sing the final song. 
We all protested. But it was their wedding day. So we all sang.

A few more photos.  Because clearly this post doesn't have enough....
All the grandkids.

Davy stole poor Maddie's hair bow! Stinker!

The Miller portion of the zoo.

Then the reception. And cake. And music. And dancing? Yep dancing. To see all the great photos of the reception and the rest of the wedding day, go here.

Pretty much it was a great day.


Welcome to the family Dewey!

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