Nov 1, 2014


We had photos of the boys taken on Thursday.


We just had amazing family photos done in September that I am IN LOVE with. But sweet Tripp wasn't cooperative and we didn't get a shot with all three boys.


So we tried again.


We signed up for a session with Ian Cole, a local photographer with a pretty cool model.


He sets up his solid white screen just about anywhere. (He used to regularly shoot at Northpark Mall. This week he was at a local church doing photos for the LHAECPTA moms).


There is no sitting fee. You don't have a minimum you have to spend on pictures. You pay a per photo price for the digital images.


He's patient and easy-going. He negotiated and reasoned with my nearly two year old. He kept calm when all three of my littles under two were, well, less than calm.

His style is simple. Very simple. Black and White.


And he got the shot. Despite two of the three refusing to cooperate, he got the one photo I wanted.



He also got this one.


When the twins wouldn't stay in the photo area and were running around the room he snuck this one of the baby.

When I was talking to the toddlers and trying to calm them down he even got one with me in it. I don't have many pictures of me with the boys because I'm normally the one behind the camera so despite my awkward in the middle of talking face, I treasure this.

These are the faces I treasure. These are the boys I want to remember. A moment in time.




Halloween photos are coming soon! Be prepared for cuteness overload on Monday!





  1. Love them and good choice on outfits plus the wagon!

  2. These are beautiful! you look great!