Nov 5, 2014

a not so well-check

Yesterday was JMacs 4 month well-check. This time with him has just flown by and I'm really not sure how he is already four months old!


He is rolling (front to back AND back to front), sitting in a tripod, loves to talk, laughs at everything, and the smiliest baby you ever did see. He really loves his feet. He hasn't tried tasting them yet (I'm sure it's coming soon!) but he loves to lay on his back and hold his feet in his little grabby hands. He will grab and hold nearly anything but he has a strong preference for Aden+Anais muslin. Those Angel Dear lovies I bought before he we born aren't getting any love. He would much rather hold onto a burpy bib. And we go through bibs! He still has horrible reflux and goes through multiple wardrobe changes a day (as do I!).

Little man is LONG. He only wore 3-6 month clothes for three weeks before he had a growth spurt and the pants were all too short for him. He is now wearing 9 month clothes so the sleeves and pants are long enough. He's long and lean though, so he fits best in rompers that don't need to try and stay up around his waist.

But, his well check didn't go so well. He has fallen off his growth curve and dropped to the seventh percentile in weight. I knew he was long and lean but didn't realize just HOW lean he is. He only weighs 13lbs 3oz and weighs less than he did at his sick visit two weeks ago. I realize some of that weight differential is because sick visits babies are weighed fully dressed and diapered but the weight different was large.


We are switching up his reflux medication to try and help him keep more calories in and will meet with the pediatrician again in in two weeks. Two weeks of agonizing over the length of every nursing session and hoping he is taking in enough calories. Two weeks of stressing over every spit up and hoping his is keeping in enough calories. Two weeks of praying for weight gain. Two weeks.


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  1. I know it's hard, but try not to stress yourself. Too many pediatricians focus on the charts and the numbers and agonizing over things will do nothing but make YOU sick. Out of my 3, one had reflux and we also had a period where he fell completely off the growth curve. We added Prevacid and I focused on calorie rich baby foods once he was on food, but other than that I just fed him and took comfort in the fact that he was happy and meeting developmental milestones. At a year old, he only weighed 16 lbs. Now at 5 he is in the 50th percentile and he has always been healthy as can be!