Nov 19, 2014

A Day in the Life of a SAHM of Three Under Two

I shuffle to the twins room and use my mama ninja skills to extract crying Tripp without waking Davy. One crying toddler at midnight I can handle, but two isn't happening. Ninja skills are key. Tripp and I snuggle, get a bit of milk, check his diaper, and then he's back into the crib. It's 12:45AM and I crawl back into bed. All three boys are sleeping for the first time and I can finally sleep.

Three kids sleeping!
But only for a few hours. At 4:26 I wake up to hear more crying. This time it's the baby. At four months, JMac still wakes up multiple times a night. And he wakes up STARVING. I have no idea how this boy is underweight. He eats. A lot. I grab Jiminy and sit in the glider to nurse him. While I'm nursing I check my email and scroll through Facebook. I'll do the lovey-dovey stare into his eyes thing when I'm not so tired! I finally get him back to sleep at 5:07 and I once again crawl back in bed

My view at 6:47
My alarm goes off at 6. From 6 until 7ish I get "my time." All three kids are still asleep (normally) so I make my cup of tea and sit in the sunroom to do my morning devotional and spend time with God. This morning it's really stinkin cold in my house so I bring my tea back to bed. I pray. I check Facebook. I write a blog post. At 6:57 I hit publish on today's blog post (a spur of the moment deviation from the post I had planned and the inspiration for today's post).

Relaxing hot tea in bed!

I let the dog out. And then start laundry.

All three kids are still asleep so I decide to take advantage of JMacs big sleep (wooohoooo!!) and jump in the shower. I need to go out in public today and I haven't washed my hair since Friday. It's a good call. After my shower I see my favorite morning read is in my inbox so I catch up on world news with The Skimm. (If you don't subscribe to a The Skimm, you really should. Quick, condensed, interesting world news right to your inbox with links to the full articles if you have time to delve deeper.)

At 7:40, the boys are starting to stir. My makeup is done but my hair is still wet. Oh well! At least I brushed my teeth already. Off to the kitchen to prep breakfast. Afterwards, the boys are happily singing and playing in their cribs so I decide I'll attempt to blow dry my hair. I forgot to turn off the space heater before starting the blow dryer though. Fuse blown. At 8:13 I give up and go get the boys out of bed. Wet natural hair is the look today.

Makeup on. Teeth brushed. Wet hair. Calling it a win.

Happy boy when I walk in the room!

It takes 30 minutes to get the twins in clean diapers and dressed. They aren't wearing the cute outfits I picked out because the choo choo shirt was visible. Which means We. Must. Wear. It.

Choochoo shirt. Hat. And a big yawn.

The boys play for just a few minutes while herd them into high chairs. By 9:15 they are both seated and eating. Their combined breakfast today: over 18oz of milk, three full size bagels with Daiya "cream cheese", two bananas, four sausage patties, four pieces of cinnamon French Toast, and dried coconut. I don't get to sit and eat. Just as the twins are settling in, James wakes up.

At 9:20 I get JMac cleaned up, dressed, and he nurses for just a few minutes. Apparently it was a snack. I let the twins go play for just a few minutes so I can pack the diaper bag. A few minutes is all it takes to wreck the living room.

I don't even consider this messy anymore.

At 9:40 I start loading the car. I get the twins buckled in and happily listening to their music and realize they aren't wearing jackets. And it's cold. Whatever. They aren't complaining. Coats go into the trunk so I can use them later if I need to.

The car. It takes 15 minutes to get them all like this!

10:00AM Co-op Babysitting!! JMac has a pediatrician appointment today to check on his weight so I drop the twins off at a friends house. Three under two at the doctor is a...challenge. And childcare is crazy expensive ($15 an hour is a really reasonable rate for a daytime sitter around here!) so neighborhood mamas have a co-op to watch each other's kids. I haven't taken advantage of this very often but today I need it!

We have to keep a hand touching the car while I unload brother.

JMac in the waiting room.

JMac and I get to the doctor at 10:20 and we wait. And wait. And take a picture. The weight check shows he has gained weight over the last two weeks. But not as much as they would like to see. We are being sent to a specialist. JMac enjoyed the doctors appointment. He spent the whole time eating his toes.

At 11:30, we picked up the toddlers. I gave them lunch in the car (they each got a banana, a larabar, lunch meat, dried mango, and water) while I nursed James and then we headed to Target.

All three boys squeezed into a single cart before the cart transfer.

I drove around Target looking for the perfect parking spot. This isn't a spot near the door. It's a spot near a double cart! I find my spot and park in time to see the cart attendant pushing my double cart inside. Fail. Well, maybe not a huge fail. Kids are asleep. A dreaded car nap. It's 12:04.

I don't WANT a car nap today so I only let them sleep for 30 minutes but I know even this might mean they don't take a real nap today. And it certainly means they aren't going down at 1:00 like usual. So, instead of rushing into Target to get diapers and wipes (because my Honest box shipped late. Again!) we leisurely go through the store and pick up a few extra things. This leisurely stroll lasts a few minutes before all three kids are screaming. The toddlers saw "mick-mick" (mickey) and are shouting bye bye mick kick as mean mama pushes the cart away from the baby department. I've almost finished my whole pre-vacation Target list and if they will calm down I won't have to come back to Target again this week. So I pull the Annie's Bunnies out of the diaper bag. They buy me five minutes and then screaming again. I apologize to everyone we walk near and finish shopping with that fun chorus.

We leave Target at 1:50. So close to happy hour!! We run by Sonic for a Happy Hour drink on the way home. I pick up popcorn chicken and tater tots to give the toddlers for dinner since Casey is out of town and it's solo bedtime night two.

As soon as we get home the fussy toddlers get a snack and go into cribs. I feed JMac. Then I tackle the dirty breakfast table. And more laundry. And pick up the toys in the living room.

Sticky breakfast table.
Laundry to fold.
Laundry that may never be put away.
My sister calls at 2:40 and we chat for a few minutes about details for our upcoming family trip to Florida and family photos. Oh these photos. Why didn't we stick to the easy everyone wear white? Light blue isn't in style this year and it's hard to find!

Highlight of my day: a text from Casey that he's coming home from NOLA early! He's about to get on a plane and he'll be home by 5:30!!!

At 3:45 I was about to get the no nap toddlers up when my doorbell rang. A sweet friend stopped by to chat after getting the horrible news she needs back surgery. We visit for a bit and it was nice catching up! After she leaves I get the toddlers up at 4:15ish.

They helped get out diapers. Read: I now have diapers all over the floor.
And then we played.
Naked baby wants held.
And took a selfie.
At 4:45 another friend drops by with her high school daughter. I show them where dog food is and introduce them to little miss Rory so they can watch her next week.


After they leave, I turn on mick mick while I nurse James. He nurses FOREVER and then falls asleep in my arms. It's only his second nap of the day (he never fell asleep in the car and screamed through nap time) so I delay dinner to let him sleep.

Casey gets home at 6 and we feed the kids. I feel bad that I don't have an adult dinner planned. I wasn't expecting him home! At 7 the toddlers go to bed. Casey and I both get them changed, in jammies, in sleep suits, and in cribs. They're exhausted and don't fight much.

I go into the nursery to get JMac ready for bed. He doesn't normally go down until 8 (or later. Although 11:30 last night was unusually late!) but he seems really tired. I nurse him and out him in the swing to sleep. His reflux is still too bad to sleep flat in a crib and he has outgrown the RockNPlay so little man sleeps in the mamaRoo now. He goes right down and at 7:30 all three kids are asleep! I think this is the earliest we've had all the boys down. Ever!

Casey and I order Chinese and while we wait for it, I try on a few shirts for him to decide which are getting returned and which is my light blue shirt for family photos. Casey doesn't like his light blue shirt so tomorrow I'll have to try and find him something.

We eat dinner at 8 while watching the new Katherine Heigl show on TV (State of Affairs maybe?). It's okay. We'll probably try watching it again.

My view at 9:30
I do a bit more laundry and at 9:15 we fall exhausted into bed. Casey is snoring (loudly!) by 9:16. I stay up a bit and watch NCIS in bed. But after a few sleepless nights for JMac, we need to sleep when he sleeps!

At 1:25 the whole house is awake. Luckily Casey is home so he can deal with the toddlers while I feed the baby. It's a new day!



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