Oct 13, 2014


My fall bucket list post is going to need delayed because today I woke up early to go run and around and get everything set for my new (and improved?) dissertation defense date!


I still have one hoop to jump through before I defend on October 27th but it looks like all the clerical stuff has been completed (correctly) and I'm in good shape. 

As angry as I was last Tuesday (and to be honest, Wednesday) I am so glad I am not defending my dissertation this Friday! I can't even imagine how much stress I would have been feeling to have spent that time at the hospital last week knowing my defense was so soon. Further proof that God is in control! Even when it feels like something bad has happened, God knows. 

Since this is basically not a post --- how about I tease y'all with what is coming the rest of this week? Yes? 

- My Fall Bucket List
- An as of yet unwritten Inspirational Post 
- Finish This LinkUp
- A Long Overdue (but hard to write) Post on The Infertility Community 
- Some Friday Favorites 
- A Plea for Fashion Help
- and just one more little thing.... The WINNER of the Freshly Picked Giveaway will be announced!

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