Oct 1, 2014

pants off

It's October! It's October! It's October! So bring on the cooler weather (note: Cooler. Not cold. I don't do cold.) Bring on scarves (confession: I wore these all summer). Bring on jeans and boots and booties. Bring on the fluffy duvet instead of the summer quilt. Bring on sweaters. Bring on pumpkin everything. Bring on decorative gourds. Bring on fall!!!

Beyond my fall excitement, I've got nothing for you.

My life at the moment is consumed by prep for my dissertation defense (in just three weeks!!!), keeping up with twin toddlers, and nursing a three month old baby who never stops eating. Ever. (And also how is James going to be three months tomorrow? When the fourth trimester is over what will my excuse be for all the tears? I'm still hormonal. But if I'm not pregnant or in the fourth trimester what's my excuse?!?)

Since my life isn't providing blog fodder or funny stories, thank goodness for Finish This! Join the linkup and share your answers. (I'm looking at you Teresa and Suzy -- you did it once!)

On to the prompts....

I feel most comfortable... when I am at home with my family. I can do groups. I can do big events. I can do small talk. But all of those things are work to me. They can be so draining. I'm a homebody. I like to be in my space. I like to be with my people. I like to wear no bra. And who am I kidding, no pants.


And really, who wants to wear real pants? Is there anything better than chucking your pants after a rough day and dancing in the living room? Maybe? But pants-optional is clearly in life's top 10. Right? I am sadly not married to a pants-optional kind of guy. And now I'm raising three boys. So pants are a thing nowadays. Pants schmants.

But, for comforts sake, let's all agree that no one really wants to wear pants when they're home. No one! Admit to me, who else likes to kick off their shows, drop their pants and have a glass of wine?



Diamonds are... a daily thing. For our first anniversary, Casey bought me a pair of diamond studs. With screw backs. Because I'm a bit accident prone and accidents with uber expensive jewelry aren't okay. So now I have a full thing of earrings sitting way up on a high shelf in my bathroom never getting worn. Because diamonds. Actually because screw backs ain't easy.



I wish I could be more... like Jesus. I want to abide in Him. I want to let His light shine through me. I want to walk as He walks. I could write novels about this. (Actually I couldn't. But a better writer could.) I could explain why. But the Bible says it best:




  1. Of course no one wants to wear pants, that's why yoga pants were invented :)

  2. I walk in the door and the shoes, socks, and pants come off. I have a pair of shorts that are my FAVORITE but they're getting so old and worn you can see through them. Not that Husband minds a bit, but still. LOL!!!!!!!!!

  3. omgsh your pants off meme pics are hilarious! true that! get home and the shoes and work pants come off and the pjs come on haha! especially when no one is home haha!

  4. The pants!!!! That is the truth right there... except for me it's, um, an article of clothing above the waist, shall we say? Watch out, world! ;)