Oct 28, 2014

It's Fall. Even if it's 90.

A full post about my dissertation and my defense is coming later this week, but (in case you aren't following me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook) I passed!


On Friday I wrote that I my dissertation defense was prepped and ready to go so I was going to enjoy my fall weekend. And enjoy we did!

My cutie pie.

It might have been 90 degrees. But we Fall-ed it up!

On Friday, I had a doctor appointment in McKinney so the twins stayed with my sister for a bit. Afterwards, my mom, sister and I went to an adorable little pumpkin patch across the street from my sisters neighborhood.

Tripp had to say "hi" to all of the scarecrows.
Adorable checkers!
Lots of tractor riding.
But don't try and tell the twins they were on a tractor.
They are convinced it was a truck.
Hayride fun!

On Saturday, we took the boys to the Lake Highlands Area Early Childhood PTA (LHAECPTA) Halloween Carnival. The boys were ridiculous in their costumes. I mean seriously. So, cute. We played a few games, bounced in the bounce house, and (most importantly) rode the choochoo. Our costumes didn't make it the whole carnival. It was 90 degrees. 9.0. And the boys got too hot.

Lots of bouncing. And choochoos.
The boys were a bit overwhelmed when we got there. But some snuggles with Daddy made it better.
This is also the only photo that shows our awesome "oh my" shirts.
Family theme costumes forever.
The Crazy Cass Family!

On Sunday, we got the painted china hutch out of the garage and into the dining room. I'll share photos from the project once I get it all loaded up. (It will be soon - I need to get the china out of our guest room before my mom's wedding in November.) I also got all of my packets, handouts, and notes printed and ready for my defense. When I said I was totally ready on Friday, I lied. I didn't have anything printed yet.

Getting my bags packed.
Good luck flowers from the husband.
Sweet Jiminy bounced while I worked.

A jam packed weekend. An amazing Monday.



Dr. Cass


Yep. I just did that.



And just a reminder...


  1. Love all the costumes! Precious!

  2. Who hoo! Congrats! And what a fun weekend!

  3. That is huge! That is awesome! Congrats!!!
    Lions, tigers, and bears...and the oh my shirts. I don't think that could be any cuter, shame it was so hot though. Last year Aria was in a head to two costume and she was cranky about it. I'm glad she went with something a little breezier this year. Florida and costumes aren't the best of friends. Unless you go as a belly dancer I suppose.
    Too funny about the corn sensory area. Bet it felt weird on the feet. Spoon, good thinking!
    Thanks for linking up this week!

  4. Congrats Dr. Cass, that's so exciting :) Tons of cute photos, looks like a great weekend!

  5. OH I just love the lions, tigers and bear costume theme - so freaking cute! Too funny about the corn - my kiddo loved that stuff last year! Sad day our pumpkin patch this year didn't have any (we moved). Yay for your successful defense! One of my best friends just defended hers last week! Use that dr title all you want - you earned it!