Oct 31, 2014

Halloween. Friday. Perfection.

Happy Halloween! It's time for a few Friday Favorites and it can't be Hallowwen without showing y'all my FAVORITE costumes. I've shared these fall carnival photos a few times already, but I can't resist posting them again! I love family costumes (and Casey loves that his "costume" is a comfy t-shirt!). I really hope the twins let me choose their costumes again next year so we can do another family theme. With three little boys I can do all kinds of great themes Three Musketeers, Alvin and the Chipmunks, superheroes, the three stooges, etc)! Earlier this week I shared about favorite costumes I wore as a kid. You can read that here.


Because it's just priceless -- full sizes of a few of these...



And the only photo where you can see the "oh my" shirts...


I should be well rested for the festivities tonight because my FAVORITE infant is almost 4 months old and tonight we put him in his crib for the first time. It's 4AM and he is still asleep! So why am I awake writing a blog post? I should be sleeping too! Little man has scooted himself over in the crib so he is RIGHT against the crib rail and I can't see his little face on the baby monitor so I keep going in to check on him. So much for sleeping better when he leaves the room!


Even though I won't be particularly well rested, I'll get to the Halloween events in style. I was involved in a very minor fender bender on Tuesday. (We're all okay. It was VERY minor.) But, because I was in an accident at all we have to replace ALL THREE car seats. I was able to reevaluate all of my original car seat research and decide if we wanted the same car seats. I chose to go with the same seats again and three of my FAVORITE car seat, the Clek Foonf, are on the way to my house. I went with a different color this time. It's an exciting life I tell you! (That's an affiliate link. Click it so I can make a few pennies to pay my deductible for this silly accident.)


I am driving a rental while my car is repaired and I'm going to turn in any last shred of trendiness, coolness, and dignity I have. This minivan is my FAVORITE. I'm driving a Chrysler Town&Country and I'm loving the electronic sliding doors, the HUGE amount of space behind the third row (way more than my Buick Enclave) and the little touches like the stow and go seats, storage areas, huge number of cup holders, and the moving center console. Our Buick Lease is up in a year and I just might need a minivan. By then I'll be 30, a totally acceptable age for a mom-mobile.

To celebrate my successful dissertation defense, Casey and I went out on Tuesday night. Having a date night was SO FUN and we really need to do it more often. We talked. We laughed. And we reconnected. (Read about my dissertation here. Please. I'd love to share my research!)


But my FAVORITE thing? The restaurant we went to offers a lot of paleo foods and they make a dairy free "Nutella" Chocolate Chip Cookie with Almond Ice Cream and Candied Pecans. (They make their Nutella in house so it is dairy free. Which means it isn't really Nutella since that's a brand name but I guess hazelnut spread didn't look as good on the menu.) It was delicious! I was so excited to get a restaurant dessert! I never get restaurant dessert anymore!


On Thursday we took pictures with Ian Cole. Their outfits were FABORITES. Cardigans. Tiny hats. Perfection. At home they wore the hats and hammed it up. At the photo session, only James cooperated. We still got a few great shots and I can't wait to share them with y'all!

The boys outfits for photos on Thursday. I'll share the pictures tomorrow. I'm posting from my iPad and they are on the computer.

My very FAVORITE picture from the week is this treasure. I love the moment this captures. Casey is such an amazing Dad and I love the love radiating from this picture!


Some other FAVORITE pictures...

FaceTime with "baba" (PaPa)
Spaghetti Night.

Have a safe and fun Halloween tonight friends!



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