Oct 5, 2014

feet week

This past few days has been a doozy. Ebola in Dallas (and more specifically in my neighborhood!). Storms knocking out power to most of my neighborhood (we only lost it for a bit but others around me lost for as long as three days!) Casey's travel schedule and getting stuck in Houston (because of said storms). Almost fevers for both Tripp and Davy. Tripp's swollen lip. James' intermittent hives are continuing. Oh and my dissertation defense in a mere two weeks.

But that's no excuse!

I owe y'all a winner to the Kinsa Smart Thermometer Giveaway!!

The winner is Cindy Solomon! Send me an email at crazycasslife@gmail.com and I will get you connected with the great folks at Kinsa!

But seriously. This past week. Whew. I'm just exhausted after it! I have so many posts I want to write, but no time to do it. I keep telling myself that after my dissertation defense things will be more consistent here at Crazy Cass Life! Until then, it's, well, crazy!

  • I want to write a post about Ebola in Dallas. It's close to our house. Really close. The hospital is less than two miles away. The apartment complex where the diagnosed man was staying is in walking distance to our favorite normal haunt, Target, as well as the Sam's we visit weekly, our grocery stores, our Home Depot, etc. A neighborhood school had three children pulled out. I want to write so much about this. But I'm just going to say Ebola is serious. Medical professionals wear gloves to protect against HIV. They wear hazmat suits to protect against Ebola. Read this article. It's well written and I found it really informative.
  • I want to write a weekend wrap up. Basically we had almost sick, under the weather kids. We laid low. We went to my nieces birthday party. We enjoyed family time.
  • I want to write a post about porch shopping. Actually, I eventually will write a post on porch shopping and all of the amazing things I am buying.
  • I want to write a full post about James' almost daily hives, funny diapers, and explosive spitup. I want to write about his happy happy demeanor that is ruined by hours of arching and crying and pain some days/nights. I want to write about his reflux and dairy intolerance and the fact that even with both of those being treated something is still not right.
  • I want to write a full post on the process of getting ready to defend and my dissertation research. I want to share this passion with you all. I want to show you all my research and my defense presentation. I want you to understand the financial bifurcation existing in America and how it is contributing to the use of fringe banking.
But, right now it's my lunch break. I've been editing and formatting and coding all morning. My brain is spinning from writing in LaTeX and I need something lighthearted and fun to go with my lunch! I'm joining in with Andrea at Momfessionals to show y'all what's on...my feet.

I originally didn't plan to join in this linkup because admitting just how many shoes I own is embarrassing.really embarassing. But I'm all about living honestly.

In my teeny tiny little closet I have 141 pairs of shoes plus a basket of pumps from back when I used to work in investment banking and wear pumps every day.

Don't worry. I won't bore you by going through all 141 pairs. I thought I would go shelf by shelf through my closet, but I was boring myself even with that. No one wants to read it! Because. Seriously. 141. Plus pumps. At least 10? Ish?

And now that we have ensured Casey never lets me buy another pair of shoes.... shoes by the (embarassing numbers)

  • Pairs of Toms: 13 (5 flats, 2 flat boots, 2 wedge booties, 2 open toe wedges, 1 wedge sandal, 1 flat sandal)
  • Pairs of rain boots: 2
  • Pairs of winter boots: 5 (2 brown Coach fur lined boots, 1 white after ski boot, 1 waterproof fur lined boot, 1 pair of Uggs)
  • Pairs of Coach shoes: 7 (rain boots, 2 fur lined boots, 2 sneakers, 1 flat, 1 sandal)
  • Pairs of cowboy boots: 2 (but neither pair fit my post preggo foot so they shouldn't count!)
  • Pairs of black strappy heels: 5
  • Occasions to wear strappy heels: 0
  • Shoes bought for weddings and never worn again: countless
  • Total pairs of boots/booties: 24
  • Pairs of SMU themed shoes: 2 (I have red and blue Toms and Sperry's)
  • Favorite shoes for this fall: 3. One still has tags on it waiting for cool enough days for fur lined shoes.
  • The riding boots are these (and they're on sale!)
  • The brown booties are these.
  • The gray are these.

Speaking of shoes, I have an awesome "fresh" giveaway coming tomorrow so don't forget to check back so you can enter. You won't want to miss this! Check here for the Freshly Picked giveaway!


  1. Sounds like we are opposites when it comes to shoe buying! I neglect my feet... How often to you buy a pair of shoes?