Oct 14, 2014

Fall List and Giveaway Winner

This is take 562 to post my Fall Bucket List with the boys....

I can't begin to explain how excited I am to celebrate Fall with the toddlers. They were fun last year, but this year will be FUN. I've been creating a mental list of all of the awesome fall things we would do in October and November and I'm really excited to share a few of these things with you. But, I am having to temper my expectations and accept that with my dissertation defense less than two weeks away, I can't realistically expect all of these things to happen. Basically, life is getting in the way of my fall fun! Between my defense, Tripp's hospital stay with croup, and now me laid up in bed with mastitis, expectations are being lowered. But, maybe you have lots of free weekends and you can do all these things!


1. Go to the State Fair of Texas. The Fair is one of my very favorite things about fall. I love the expos, the livestock, the shows, and of course, the food! We have gone to the fair every year since we got married and always have an amazing time. This year, we aren't going to make it. Sadly, no corny dogs or pig races or petting zoo this year. I'm sad to break the tradition, but honestly the boys are still a but young for this and I think bowing out is the right choice given their compromised immune systems.

With Big Tex at the State Fair.

2. Photos at a pumpkin patch. Last year we took one of my favorite pictures of all time sitting in the pumpkins at the Dallas Arboretum. I'm not sure when we are going to get out there this year, but it will happen! I know the chances of topping this photos are slim, but I'm eager to try!

At the Arboretum.

3. Fall baking. Pumpkin bread? Pumpkin pie? Apple cobbler? Butternut squash soup? Yes please. We will eat all the things.

4. Painting (or carving?) pumpkins. In my head we have a blast doing this as a family. In reality, I don't think the twins are QUITE old enough. I'll save this for next year!

5. Jumping in leaves. I need to find an enclosed park that doesn't get raked too frequently so that this can happen! We crunched a few leaves during our fall family photos, but I want to do more!

6. Fall walks. We've been walking every night after dinner and just enjoying this perfect weather. Have I mentioned that I love fall?

Showing off the stick he found on our walk.

7. Trick-or-Treating. Our neighborhood doesn't trick or treat. Let's all take a moment to absorb how very sad that us. No ringing doorbells to get candy! Instead, our neighborhood does a fall festival with hot dogs, candy, and games. So, we need to get creative on the trick or treating. Assuming the sicks leave our house, my sorority does a Halloween event for all the kids of alumnae and they get to trick or treat in the sorority house. Perfect!

8. Neighborhood Fall Festival.

Dressed as dinos at last years neighborhood party on Halloween.

9. Football. The boys have already been to a college football game this season and we will certainly go to more! (That's the fun of season tickets.) We have also been watching the Cowboys on Sundays -- 5-1 record!!! - and teaching the boys to throw there hands in the air and say touchdown. It's all kinds of cute.

10. My mom's wedding. While not a traditional fall bucket list item, it's on ours! All three boys have the most adorable suits I picked up at Janie and Jack. I can't wait to see them all dressed up! Little men! In suits!


What is on your fall bucket list? Did I miss anything?

Also...... The moment you're all waiting for. The Freshly Picked giveaway winner...

Sarah M., congratulations!! You won!

Send me an email at crazycasslife@gmail.com and we can work out all the details!


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