Sep 3, 2014


What a whirlwind weekend. I blinked and it was over! Even with three days it went by too fast!


Saturday morning, we attempted breakfast out with three babies. We failed. Tripp is getting a tooth and was CRANKY. He wouldn't sit by himself and eat. James was cheerful and happy as long as he wasn't in the car seat so he had to be held. At least Davy sat by himself and ate? Casey and I both had to eat one handed and fast! We took our tea and coffee to go!

At Crossroads Diner. Tripp isn't having it.

After breakfast, Saturday looked like any other weekday. It was just me and the little guys at home while Casey went to a fancy hotel boardroom full of snacks to do his fantasy football draft. Lucky for him, this (which shall not be named or spoken aloud) happened so I wasn't TOO bitter that he got time out of the house. I am pretty much the worst ever about leaving the boys to take care of myself, but I'm working on it**

The left happened. So the right happened too!

Sunday we FINALLY fulfilled my self promise (from this post) and went and tried a new church. I have so many emotions about leaving our current church but I can't continue to spend the entire service terrified my child is in danger and not trusting the nursery staff with his dairy allergy. It is time to move on to a larger church that is better organized and more accommodating towards our special needs. Especially with James now diagnosed with a milk protein intolerance (that we are praying -- literally on hands and knees praying! - doesn't escalate into an allergy) we need to make choices that work for our dairy-free family. We went to Highland Park United Methodist Church. It's huge which was overwhelming. Parking is insane. But, the nursery seemed good and we enjoyed the sermon. We plan to try again this weekend! In Septemer our goal is to attend more Sundays than we miss. Starting with baby steps here.

In the parking garage after church.
We parked far enough away that we needed the stroller to get to church!

Sunday afternoon we ran a few errands. We picked up picture frames and then loaded up on dairy free goodies at Whole Foods. Total mom fail - the twins had no shoes! But all three kids were dressed in SMU game day gear (not that I remembered to take a picture).


Monday our new nanny had her third day. She's still pretty much amazing. Casey was off work so we spent the day catching up on laundry, hanging the new frames, fixing the crib in James' room, and AND we went on a lunch date! We had lunch at a great little BBQ joint called Ten 50 -- my full review here.


Tuesday was our eight year anniversary. Yes, I'm including Tuesday in my Labor Day weekend post. It's my blog and I can if I want to! My morning started with a shattered mirror and glass in my foot. In the afternoon, I had an OB appointment. And I didn't get home in time to make dinner. So we ate takeout. Anniversary nonevent. I'm just thankful Casey also forgot to buy a card. (I sent him a digital card via PaperlessPost and wrote a post to acknowledge it. That counts right?) We've come a long way since the days we did romantic anniversary trips to wine country!


Tuesday was also James' 2 month birthday. I'll do more on this after his two month appointment when we know his weight and stats and such.

One of the 2 month shots I posted on Instagram.
Follow me (@lexyjill) to see the rest!

Whirlwind weekend! Our life is seriously so crazy. But I love it!


Now that the weekend wrap up on a Wednesday is finished, it's time for #finishthis!

I celebrated Labor Day by... {see above}

My dream job is... doing just what I am doing. In this season, for this time, I am right where I belong. I am eager to finish my PhD. I hope someday to teach part time while the kids are in school. But. Right now I'm living my dream.


My first job was... my first job was babysitting. Not exciting. Every girl in my generation probably has the same answer!

My first job with a W-2 was working at a Tommy Hilfiger outlet store the summer before my Senior year of high school. It was actually a lot more fun than I gave it credit for.

My first adult job was an analyst for a small investment bank. I worked in equity research covering telecommunications companies. It was a great job right out of college but during earnings season I would work as many as 120 hours and a typical week was 90 hours. I hated working that much! With Casey also working demanding hours and our desire to have a family, we knew it wasn't a long term fit for a career for me.

My current job is... as a mom and wife. I rarely never make the bed. I sometimes make dinner I'm usually always behind on laundry. But my job isn't maid. My job is chef. My job isn't laundress or seamstress. My job is mom. So I do some a lot of those things. But it isn't my focus.

I read books. I sing songs. I build towers. I tickle. I change diapers. I cuddle. I kiss boo boos. I go for walks. I pour milk. I hold hands. I arbitrate fights. I repeat words (over and over again). I cut up fruit. I point out pictures. I play at the water table. I help little boys down the slide. I read more books. I teach new words. I give kisses. I change diapers. I pass balls back and forth. I clap. I encourage. I pray. I grow our children. I may not be the best housekeeper. We may order too much takeout. But, our kids are well loved. Our kids are thriving. And that's my job!





** In September I have four separate evenings out on my calendar. This includes one tonight - the new member social for a local women's league. Cue ALL of the anxiety. I hate meeting new people. I'm awkward! And leaving Casey home alone with all three boys for the first time?! Eeeek!





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  1. Yay for being a MOM. Don't worry, I don't make our bed either. Who cares?!?!?! I hope you find a church that is both physically and spiritually fulfilling, I hope and PRAY that Kamden does not inherit the cow's milk allergy that I have. Ohhhhh Lord, please!

  2. You are so right! I feel like being a teenager girl and being the neighborhood babysitter is synonymous lol! I for one am one of that group! haha!