Sep 22, 2014

When you're having a day

Do you ever have those days where you are just have a day? Everything is off. Things aren't going your way? That was yesterday.

First thing in the morning, Casey and I got in a tiff that was just us miscommunicating and not worthy of a fight. But it was a fight. And we didn't have time to talk it out. So it escalated. What was a small tiff got bigger and bigger as it remained unresolved. Not a good way to start the day. We were having a day.

We got all three boys up, fed, and bathed and ready for photos. James spits up in the car like whoa (absolutely drenched after every car ride) so we put his little button up and jeans in the bag to take with us along with back up outfits for everyone in case of spit up. We got the twins dressed and ready and started to load up the car. And then Tripp had a blowout. All over his picture day pants. Tripp was having a day.

We got to downtown McKinney and started unloading the car only to find James' button up had somehow been left at home. All of my work planning outfits and James was going to have to wear his backup outfit! And no one in the photos would match me in cream. James I was having a day.

We got Davy out if the car only to find that his diaper had leaked all over his picture day pants. His spare jeans weren't quite long enough so he's showing some ankle in basically every family photo. Davy was having a day.

By the time we got all three kids and our stuff out of the car we were late for photos and sweating. Crazy, dripping sweating. Ya see, when I started picking out clothes for photos the weather looked nice and fall-ish so I went with fall pieces (long sleeves, jeans, boots) but it turned out the forecast was wrong and it was HOT. Like really hot. And we were all sweaty and flustered. We were having a day.

The boys didn't want to sit or stand and have a picture taken. They wanted to run and explore as toddlers do and got pretty upset when we tried to put them in the pile of leaves. They were having a day.

Thank goodness God created the new day! When you're in the midst of a day, you know there is always tomorrow.



“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23

If you think your day has been bad, check out Lamentations. This book of the Bible tells the tale of the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple under the Babylonians. The survivors either fled, became slaves, or a few were left to live under the brutal rule of the occupying force. But they new each day came new compassions and mercies from The Lord. Each day was a chance to start again. Despite their circumstances, or maybe because of them, they had hope for a new day and faith that God would provide.

Even on the worst days, God's faithfulness is great. Even on the worst days, God will provide.




Happy Monday y'all! And even more exciting, happy first day of fall!

It's a new day. It's a new promise. Yesterday is over! Gods mercy and compassion and provision are new for today!


And, despite our day, the photographer sent us a seak peek of the pictures on Facebook and they look amazing! (While you're looking at the pictures, take a second and "like" CrazyCassLife on its new Facebook page.)


Other highlights from the weekend:

  • There is a reason we need professional pictures. Yet another weekend passed us by without me taking a single photo! Fail mom. Fail blogger. I took one Friday afternoon. Does that count?
  • Casey had his monthly poker night on Friday and I sat at home and caught up on the DVR while eating s'mores. Perfection!
  • Saturday morning, I got a new phone! The battery on my three year old iPhone 4s was completely shot (only lasting 2 hours between charges) which isn't the safest when I'm alone with three boys at home and running errands. We went to the mall to return a few things to Nordstrom and popped into the Apple store to look at the new phones. The line at the Apple store to purchase was c.r.A.Z.y. and who has time for lines when you're out with kids? But, when we walked by the AT&T store we saw they had phones and no line!
  • Saturday night we had dinner with Casey's family to celebrate his mom's birthday. The boys were absolute disasters, but it was nice getting to see everyone!
  • Sunday, we skipped church and headed to downtown McKinney (my hometown) to have photos taken. We've already seen a sneak peek of a few images and I'm excited!
  • After pictures, we went to lunch with my mom and her fiancĂ©e. The boys melted. Noticing a trend? They don't have the patience to wait for food!
  • Our DVR is going to busy this week and I am so very excited for all of my fall shows! We watched the Cowboys game yesterday so didn't have a chance to check out Madame Secretary (a new show this season I'm excited about.) After we watch it I'll let you know what I thought. Tonight Blacklist comes back, but Casey is out of town so we won't get to watch. But come Wednesday night, TV time is on!


  1. Who did y'all have take your pictures? Would you recommend them?

    1. We had them taken by Picturesque by Haley (Haley Shankle) and would very highly recommend. She was so patient with my kids (who can be overwhelming!) and got some really amazing shots of the family and the kids. She's doing a fall mini session special right now too. I posted the details on the CrazyCassLife FB page.