Sep 1, 2014

The List

We all have one. Some of us hate them and are stressed by them. Some of us love the organization and feeling of accomplishment when things get crossed off. I'm talking about that never ending list of things to do that lives in your head.

For every thing you cross of The List you can think of five more to add. Some of the things on The List are long term, like really long term maybe years away (like tackling our gameroom which involves putting up drywall, taking down the cabinets and installing something kid friendly, building a cabinet for the wine fridges, deciding what to do with the wet bar, etc). Some of the things on the list really needed done last week (like fixing James' crib so we can think about letting him sleep there). But, for the most part, The List helps me keep the big house projects in perspective and focus on what I can actually accomplish.

My planner. A great mini binder from Russell+Hazel

One version of The List actually lives in my planner instead of my head. This is my monthly list of things I want to get done. It sometimes doesn't happen and things get carried into the next month, and that's okay. It's just a few goals.

The List in August

The List for September

Right now, The List is really lean. I spent the first half of the year growing a person. I spent the last two months adapting to having three very tiny humans in the house. From now until November I have one goal: finish my dissertation. Actually, two goals:

(1) finish my dissertation and
(2) keep the tiny humans alive.

Working on my dissertation WHILE keeping a tiny human alive. Win.

I'm not doing fall decorations this year. I'm not taking on a room to decorate and plan. I'm not adding any new things. My dissertation is such a huge and all-consuming project that it is just all I can handle right now.


Well, that and my i blog project.


As I wrote last week, the blog is going to grow up and become an adult. It's going to get its own domain and a new look. I kicked the process off my thinking about {why} i blog and what content I intend to blog about in the future. Next up is {who} i blog as I look into potential names and domain names. Choosing a blog name is harder than I expected it to be!

So, let's edit my major September List
(1) finish my dissertation
(2) keep the tiny humans alive
(3) register a new domain name for the blog and start (hire?) design work

September monthly view. Lots in the beginning on the month. The end will fill up I'm sure!

I posted this on Facebook last week and got a few great suggestions.
Sadly, most aren't available. So I'd love a few more!

I'd love for y'all to help me with my September list do you have any ideas for a blog name? Send all your awesome ideas my way!


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