Sep 24, 2014

Say "ah" Giveaway: Kinsa Smart Thermometer

If you know me at all, you know that I can be a bit obsessed with organization and records. In fact, when the NICU nurses told me to track the boys diapers and eating habits, I went overboard. When I needed to track pumping amounts, I did so to the milliliter. And I did it all with on my iPhone, so I had my records with me every time I saw the pediatrician. I wrote about my breakup with records for the twins and how hard that was for me.

Well, I am back on the recording everything train for baby James. I still use Total Baby to track nursing, diapers, bottles, and sleep, but I have a new app I love as well. With all of the great records and data I have for everyday life, I wasn't tracking temperatures and fevers. I never knew if a fever was slightly higher or lower than the time before. I didn't write this down!

The new Kinsa Smart Thermometer changes that for me. Basic health is going decidedly high-tech in the Cass house!

First, the actual thermometer.

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is a sleek little number. It is a thin blue tube and, unlike the cheapie thermometers, it is flexible so it doesn't push uncomfortable against your tongue which I love. At the end of the thermometer you won't find a display, instead it has a 3.5mm plug that can either go directly into your phone's headphone jack or you can use the included extension cord (which I find makes it much less awkward and let's the kids see the phone while you are taking their temperature).

The Kinsa App (free on iTunes)

The first time you plug it all in, the Kinsa iPhone app walks you through the set up process. Basically, you just plug the thermometer into the included calibration device and answer a few questions. Handy voice-guided instructions guide you through the quick and easy process so even if you aren't very techie, you can handle this!

From then on, taking a temperature is as simple as tapping the method (oral, under arm, or rectal) and following the on screen instructions.

It takes roughly ten seconds to read via mouth or armpit. (I never tried rectal. IMO once a thermometer has been used rectally it can never be used for anything else or anyone else. I like this little gizmo too much to limit it like that!) While it is taking the reading, the top of the screen shows a blue progress bar and the bulk of the screen has animated blue bubbles. The twins LOVE the bubbles. We took temperatures over and over (and over and over and over) again so they could watch the "buh-buhs" float around. Tripp could not get enough!

After it gives the temperature in a nice, large, easy to read font, the app let's you select your symptoms and save the readout and symptoms to your profile. I set up a profile for all five of us and it is great being able to easily track and remember who felt like what and when.

One feature I would love to see is an ability to sync between devices so I have records in one location even if it is my husband who takes the boys temperature with his phone. I also think a future update could make the bubbles interactive by making them pop or do something. At 20 months, just watching the bubbles is exciting, but I can see that an older child might need a bit more to hold their interest. I would also love if the app tracked a bit more information, such as if a temperature reading is after giving your child Tylenol/Advil or is undrugged (although I have it on good authority that an app update is in the works!).

So basically, I highly recommended this thermometer. It's fun. It works. It's easy to use. And, it gives you great data points to track. This is how thermometers should be and the integration possibilities have me giddy. My nerdy almost-PhD side is shining through here :)

Currently, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer is compatible with iPhones and some Android devices (the complete list is here) and an app update in the works will make it compatible with the iPhone 6. (I'm curious if it will link into the new iOS 8 health kit. We'll see!)

If you have a compatible device and would like to try a Kinsa Thermometer, you're in luck! They are giving one away to one happy Crazy Cass Life reader! Or you can buy one from Kinsa or on Amazon.

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The Kinsa Smart Thermometer used in this review was provided by Kinsa Health, but all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.


  1. What a great idea for a thermometer! I like the bubbles feature for keeping kids entertained. That pic of your boy patiently getting his temperature taken is so sweet!

  2. I love that you can track symptoms and temps for multiple people. That is a must with a large family!

  3. Definitely think that it's the entertainment factor. Either that or the fact that I don't have to write the temperature down on a slip of paper which I promptly lose before heading out to the pediatricians.

  4. I like how easy to read it is! I have such a hard time tracking down Annalise to get her temperature.