Sep 11, 2014

{I blog} on my own domain

Thank y'all so so much for all of your thoughtful feedback on this post. Some of your emails were seriously spot on!! After reading all of your suggestions and really thinking about your suggestions, this little blog has a name.

It's the exact same name it's had for a while. Crazy Cass Life is sticking around.



Every name I seriously considered revolved around the same bible verse that inspired Crazy Cass Life in the first place.

Isaiah 45:18 says "He made the world to be lived in, not a place of empty chaos."

God created the world out of nothing, out of the chaos. And from that chaos He established a beautiful order. From the chaos of nothing, He created everything. He redeemed the nothing and gave it purpose. And He did this so that we can live here! He did this for us! From chaos, God gave us everything we need. Where we see chaos and crazy, God sees promise, opportunity, and redemption.

This is still just right for our family. It's crazy. It's sometimes even chaos. But it isn't empty chaos! It is the crazy of promise and opportunity! It might be crazy, but it's our life!

So mamas, I ask you to look at your crazy. Look at your chaos. And lay it at God's feet. When the sleep isn't happening, when the schedules are frantic, when everything seems to be falling apart, just remember that from chaos God created the world. From chaos God created man. And God will redeem your crazy too!



As part of this blog transformation series I am trying to document all of the steps. So naming the blog wasn't just about the name. You might have noticed the blog was down for a few hours yesterday. This was because it was moving day. The blog got uprooted from and moved to Don't worry - the previous address will still redirect you! All of the links still work! I, not going to do a tutorial here because following googles directions was pretty idiot proof. So, go do as blogger tells you to.

Renaming also involves branding work. You can now follow Crazy Cass Life on Instagram @crazycasslife, on Twitter @crazycasslife, and on Facebook! (My personal twitter and Instagram will remain @lexyjill - at least for now.)


Crazy Cass Life is a blog about a wife, a husband, a dog, and 3 little boys in 17.5 months. It's our Crazy Cass Life and we wouldn't want it any other way!


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