Sep 9, 2014

House Tour: Master Bedroom


I am secretly a voyeur.
I said it.

I love peeking inside people's houses. I love to see the décor, the messes, the layout, and the design choices. Give me a Sunday afternoon open house and I'm a happy girl. Sadly, I'm not in the open house stage of life. The idea of lugging three kids under two into a open house just so I can be nosey is terrifying.

Luckily, Andrea at Momfessionals is doing a house tour linkup. I can satisfy my curiosity without ever leaving my living room! I am so excited to be back showing y'all our house. This is the first house Casey and I bought together. This is the house we brought the twins home to. The house we brought James home to. It's a mess. It is stuffed to the gills with toys. And laughter. And babyproofing. And pure joy. This is our home. And I am so excited to welcome you into it again.

In our wanderings thus far, we've seen our family room, which doubles as an evening playroom and corral, our kitchen, our dining room, our outdoor spaces, the gameroom, our office, and two of the four bedrooms, Tripp and Davy's nursery and James' nursery. Today we are continuing with the master bedroom. Had I been more on my game, I would have snapped a few pictures of the guest room too. The linkup doesn't have a guestroom tour on it. Maybe I'll just leave y'all forever in suspense wondering what our fourth bedroom looks like!

Before I get started, let me introduce myself for any of y'all popping in for the link up. I'm Lexy a stay-at-home-mom née doctoral candidate (and hopefully a full PhD by the end of the year!). I'm married to Casey, my college sweetheart and the most amazing man I have ever had the honor of knowing. We have 19 month old b/b twins and a 2 month old little dude.

The first picture of our family of five!

I blog about our crazy life with three kids born in 17.5 months. I blog about living dairy free (Davis has a sever dairy allergy, Tripp has a dairy intolerance, and James was recently diagnosed with a dairy intolerance. All of these issues with milk protein break this cheese loving mama's heart!). I blog about my dissertation and the process of finishing it while raising three little boys. I blog because I have a heart for mama 's and want to share my struggles, my joys, and my reality with y'all. I'm glad you are here for the linkup and hope you decide to stay!


Casey's "me time" is playing computer games so after hanging out together and having dinner, we split up in the evenings. He goes to the office to play on the computer. I go to the bedroom and sink in under the covers. I love covers. Like seriously love covers. I can't wait for temperatures in the 50s so I can use covers again.... Sorry back on track. I am about to invite you into my sanctuary. This is where I blog most nights. This is where I watch horrible reality television. Until James came along this was my childfree haven. Now he sleeps in here. We're working on changing that. (Look. He did almost three hours in his crib on Friday evening!)


So, the room....

The view from the door.
The bench at the foot of the bed.
Casey was really unsure when I bought this but now he loves it. We were able to get rid of the dog stairs. Casey sits there everyday to out on his shoes. And now the toddlers use it to climb into our bed.
Uhoh! There goes my childfree sanctuary!
If you love something, monogram it.
My side of the bed.
And a view of the baby pool sitting on top of the hot tub.
Casey's side of the bed.
And a small view of his hat collection.
He has a full basket and a full drawer of baseball caps in addition to the stack on his nightstand. I made fun of this yesterday. His response "You have shoes. I have hats." Touché.
My boys!
We have a huge TV in our bedroom.
Casey is nearly blind (no seriously. He is almost legally blind without his glasses!) and so wanted a really big screen so he *might* be able to see it without his glasses. It isn't big enough for him :(
Art from Vines and Branches
View from the master bath.
Look at the awesome ceiling molding. I love it!
I like our bed best made the other way -- the down duvet up all around us and the quilt folded at the bottom. Sometime in October when fall starts we'll swap it.


Thanks for stopping by! I really hope you decide to stay a while. I have a heart for moms and a heart for this online community. I would love to connect with you. So, leave a comment and I promise I'll respond. Follow me on Instagram or Twitter - I'm @LexyJill both places. Or Follow me on Bloglovin (link off to the right) and get notified every time I post here at Crazy Cass Life.



  1. Hi! How much fun are open houses?!? I could totally do the same on a Sunday afternoon! Love your monogram above the bed and the beautiful pics of your boys!

  2. Very nice bedroom :) I like the way you have your initials over the bed like that. We've been wanting some kind of decal but haven't come up with one yet.

    Julie @