Sep 12, 2014

Friday Favorites: Family Fashion Advice Style

We are having family photos taken next weekend. And I don't know what we're all wearing. I bought the most amazing dark gray chambray shirts with pearl snaps for the toddlers at Nordstrom last weekend. I mean seriously, when we are talking fashion these shirts BRING IT.

I am also DYING over these Hanna Andresson suspender jeans. They don't have the boys size online so I'm going to attempt the mall with all three kids today (pray for me!) to look for them.



But. But. Clearly they need something layered to bring some color into family photos. I know for family photos to look good I don't want too many colors and I already have denim and grey, so my plan of having all three boys in different accent colors is probably too busy. Which means the twins are probably going for identical outfits not coordinates. Unless I can find the perfect something for me that ties in all of the colors?

I have so many toddler favorites. The boys are the perfect size right now. I can shop in the toddler section for 2ts or the baby section for 24m (and more frequently 18m because they're still on the small side). So many options and so much cute.

James? Also easy. Tucker + Tate denim romper goes. Or for color I could do Hanna leggings and the Hudson chambray shirt. I'll choose him last.

So the real question. My real struggle. What do the adults wear? I still have my postpartum weight (belly pudge for sure). And I haven't shopped much for myself in three years. I have no clue what looks good on me. I have no idea what I want to wear! Who is awesome at styling and wants to make me a family polyvore board?

Here is my first try:


Family Photos Take One



So, those are my very few favorites for family photos next weekend. As you can see, I'm in trouble! I apparently need to try and go clothes shopping with three littles to look after!

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  1. Stopping by from the link up. Your little guys are so cute! We love your family fashion finds. Have a great weekend :)
    ~Sierra & Faith
    @Winks and Eyerolls