Sep 29, 2014

Fall Favorites


It's totally fall. It may be 90 degrees and I got sunburned on Saturday but it is fall. If I believe it enough and just keep wearing my booties and jeans eventually it might cool off.

Until then, I know it is fall because these goodies are in stores!

I posted this morning about a few treats Casey picked up for me at the grocery store and I can now say with certainty that all three are clearly favorites under $10. I have no idea how much they cost. I don't go to the grocery store often enough to know. But I love them. And I'm sure none were over $10.

  • If you like pumpkin spice, you MUST try these pumpkin spice Oreos. I can't even begin to explain how amazing they are.
  • You also really should try these Pumpkin Bagels. I ate mine with Tofutti Dairy Free Cream Cheese Spread and it was a delicious treat!
  • (The Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cup was heavenly. But it isn't fall inspired so isn't making the cut for this particular favorites list. But seriously, amazing. And I will get more!)
  • I haven't gotten to share my normal pumpkin spice latte excitement because Starbuck's doesn't carry almond milk or coconut milk (or rice milk or hemp milk or basically anything I can have). (I am nursing a son with milk protein and soy intolerances so I am dairy and soy free. I also have a toddler with a severe dairy allergy. Confused by the difference between an allergy and an intolerance? Read this.) But, I just learned that a local coffee shop carries almond milk! I have no idea if they have pumpkin spice but you better believe I am going to find out! Even if they don't, a coffee shop with almond milk? Clearly a fall favorite under $10! For y'all locals, I'm referring to White Rock Coffee! (Love this tweet!)
  • I am not a candy corn person. I am firmly in the #anticorn camp. But, But. I can get behind these candy corn. They are marshmallows shaped like candy corn. Perfection! The boys and I enjoyed "s'mores" on Thursday with them. Okay so they weren't s'mores. We enjoyed marshmallows with graham crackers. Whatever. Same idea.
  • I picked up this pumpkin at Target and love the way it looks on my table. I'll share my fall décor later this week. I really need to take a few pictures! Anyway the pumpkin is on sale for only $8. So go grab one!
  • And in big news that has absolutely nothing to do with fall favorites... Today I scheduled my dissertation defense!! Casey and I celebrated with a yummy bottle of wine. That was decidedly a lot more than $10. Come October 17th we will hopefully be popping bubbly and celebrating my new role as Dr. Mom aka the most over educated mom at playgroup.


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  1. Oh my goodness...all the great food items!! Now I'm craving anything pumpkin :)