Sep 5, 2014

Are you feeling lonely mama?

I cannot talk enough about how much I love MOPS.


And I'm not talking about the cleaning supply.


If you're not familiar with MOPS, it stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. The whole spirit of MOPS is that moms need each other. Nothing is as rewarding-hard, or as beautful-lonely as being a mom. To survive this craziness we all need mom friends!

Honestly, motherhood is lonely.

I said it.

It just is.

It's really hard to have and keep friends in this stage of life. Planning get togethers around naptime and bedtime doesn't always work. We can't easily get away. We can't make last minute plans. And we're too gosh darn tired to go out after our husbands are home and the littles are in bed. You get so busy (Doing not much. The days are long remember!) and all of a sudden it has been a week since you last called your sweet friend and three since you've gotten together.

Despite the struggle (and #thestruggleisreal) to find time, I want conversations with someone who isn't a toddler. Someone who speaks in sentences. Someone who gets me. Maybe even someone else with spit up in their hair. (That one might be asking too much.) Heck, I will occasionally frequently go to Target just to walk around and interact with people. I crave the person in the checkout line asking me politely if I am having a good day. Someone who knows consonants is talking to me!!!

I might look longingly at you and think you are the "together mom." You probably never get so caught up in the days 40th recitation of Dear Zoo that you forget to call a friend. I mean you found time for real pants. Clearly you have it all figured out!

But mama, I have a feeling you're lonely too. We're in the same season. Our babies need us so our own needs take a backseat. Mama, I think you're just like me. You take five minute showers. You forget to shave. You rely on dry shampoo (and if you don't you should!). Life is unglamorous. You feel unappreciated. Somedays you want to escape.

I have your answer! Try a MOPS group!


I'm listing out my favorite things about MOPS:

  • You see adults. For 2.5 hours every other week you will sit at a table with other mamas. Mamas who are just like you. In the same season as you. And just might be as covered in spit up as you!
  • Breakfast. Every meeting their is a full buffet. And you eat it. Without grubby fingers and hearing "bite, bite, bite."
  • You can sit and drink your coffee (or if you are like me, your tea!) in peace. And no one tries to steal it. No "wawa, wawa, wawa" (toddler speak for water in our house).
  • Not only do you see adults, you truly connect. You will be surrounded by other lonely mamas in the same stage of life. You will laugh together and support each other. You will pray for each other's struggles. You will gain friends!
  • Childcare. Two and a half hours of childcare. Our kids go have fun and play while you are treated like a queen to a breakfast spread and a time of fellowship.
I attend MOPS at Fellowship Dallas (which is not the church I attend) and if you are local to Dallas I'd love to tell you more about it! If not, you can get on the MOPS website and click find a group at the top corner to see groups near you.


If you can't get involved in a group, please know that this is just a season mama. Our babies are going to grow up. They won't cry every time we leave the room forever. They won't require constant supervision and try to seriously injure themselves everytime you turn around forever. They won't follow you in to pee forever. We will never again be this needed. And I know that the day will come where we would give anything, absolutely anything, to have our kids want to hold our hand again or climb into our laps for a hug. This season feels so hard and so lonely. But, take joy in your kids. Sing the silly songs. Give tickles. Awe in their giggles.

We women weren't met to live alone. We need each other. We need friends. But sometimes those friendships take a backseat and we need grace. And time.

The loneliness is temporary.

And even the "put together mama" at Target feels it. We're all their paying our minimum $100 entrance fee for a reason.



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  1. I got a card for MOPS a while ago one day at North Park and put it somewhere where'd I remember it but of course forgot about it. So I'd be interested in getting some more details, please!

    1. Nica -
      MOPS is such an awesome group. It is "hosted" by local churches (around Northpark I can think of Fellowship (where I go), Northwest Bible, and Wilshire Baptist but I know there are others!) and is a group of moms who come together every other week for breakfast, fellowship, prayer, a bit of education, and connections with each other. Many of the women are Christian and the group is faith based, but that isn't a requirement. The Fellowship group is most certainly open to new moms but some of the childcare rooms are full so you should email and find out if their are any spots for childcare left for kids your ages!

  2. I love my MOPs mamas too! Such a great post to get out the word on a fabulous program for us moms!

    1. I'm so glad you love it too Lauren!