Aug 28, 2014

{why} i blog

I haven't been the most consistent blogger on the block. That's old news. I've written about it before. I've also written that I want to be a better blogger. To be a better blogger I need to commit to this. It's time for the blog to become an adult. It needs to get out of this slump, put on its big girl panties and do this. This little space is going to get its own domain, a new look, and a renewed focus. To help me better focus and be more intentional on the blog, I'm going to start working on a blog makeover.

And let's be honest, by working on I mean contemplating. I realize this will be a process and I want to bring you all along for the ride. So welcome to a new multipart series: I Blog.



Today I'm kicking the series off with WHY. Before I choose a new name and a domain I need to refocus. Before I get a new header and design I need to focus. Why am I blogging? What should y'all expect when you come to this little corner of the Interwebs?

  • I need the "me time" that comes from blogging. I crave the community. I love reading other blogs and interacting with folks through social media. I like that it is something I can do each day that is for me. It isn't for my kids or my husband. This blog is mine. To achieve this I will continue to participate in lineups. I will read and comment on other folks blogs. I will continue to part of this community I so love!
  • I like having a place to document my life. I love looking back and remembering special moments and milestones. I really regret the months of the twins lives I didn't blog. I never documented their first Christmas or birthday party. I missed doing a post when we found out we were expecting our third little dude. I want to have these memories!To do this, I will continue to write weekend updates and Friday Favorite posts that share my Faborites moments and photos from the week. I want to be better about including cute comments and moments from my kiddos and documenting the little things not just the big things. I should get better at writing for the It's The Little Things Linkup to combine this goal with my first goal of community!
  • My transition from college sorority girl, to wife and career woman, to wife and graduate student, to wife and graduate student and mama has forced me to expand my domestic abilities. A frozen pizza is no longer cooking. I have a house that needs decorating. With Davy's dairy allergy comes the need for "from scratch" baking. Someday I aspire to start gardening (clearly I need to). Basically I am working on all if the domestic "ings." So I want to share my adventures in domesticity here. To do this I'll work on documenting what I do. I pretty much fail at taking pictures when I bake and cook. I have been doing a house tour linkup to show my decorating though. I will continue to show what I do. And I will do better at documenting and picture taking.
  • I want this to be a place of inspiration for moms. During our infertility journey, I poured out my heart. I was open. I was honest. I shared my faith. While I am still infertile, I am no longer in the midst of an infertility journey. But, I should still be sharing my heart. I should still be writing open and honest posts. I should be sharing my faith. Since becoming a mom 19 months ago, I've felt isolated. I've felt insecure. I've been in need of support. And other moms came along side me and lifted me up. I've also been utterly in love wit my children and taken inexplicable joy in their joy. Other moms have shared in my heart and understood my joy.To do this I am going to be more convicted in sharing my real moments, the good and bad. I will share the pictures of my half dressed hooligans not my perfectly attired angels. I will share the struggles and insecurities on my heart. I hope that my words can encourage even one mom. My hope is that by sharing my real life moments and struggles I can help other moms see they aren't alone. We are in this journey together! Together we are raising our kids. Together we are creating the next generation of warriors for Christ. We as moms should be raising each other up in Christian love. We should be supporting each other.

So, why do I blog? I blog because I like to pretend my life is interesting enough to write about. I blog to get me time. I blog to share my adventures in hobby debrlopment. I blog to share my faith. I blog because I have a heart for moms. I blog because I have a heart for this online community. I blog because I truly believe we as moms can fill each other up and encourage each other through community building, through our words, through our honesty, and by sharing our love in Christ.

Next up: WHO. A look at blog names (and available domains that go along with it).



  1. I blog for many of the same reasons you do and the community has helped me get over a few pretty significant life bumps and hurdles.

    I love this! I am excited to see what your blog's big adult form looks like :)

  2. I am excited to see you become more consistent with your blogging and what the new look is going to be...It's always a good way to give yourself that fresh start. I blog for many of the same reasons as you too. I love the community of people I have met. :)

  3. blogging is so cathartic. Such a freeing experience! Keep blogging!!!