Aug 13, 2014

thirteen on the thirteenth [finish this] and a guest post


Oh my sweet friends -- guess what? Today I'm guest posting over at The Girl in the Red Shoes! Julie runs a really inspirational feature called The Breastfeeding Diaries, where moms can tell and celebrate their breastfeeding journeys and I am so proud to be a part of it. I am sharing my experiences breastfeeding Tripp, Davy, and now James. Swing by and give us a shout! While you are there, check out Julie's blog. She is great writer and a beautiful mama to her little boy, Hudson.





If you are visiting from The Breastfeeding Diaries, I'm so glad you're here! Since you're here, we've already gotten pretty personal but I thought you might want to know a bit more about me (as opposed to just my boobs!) The Finish This prompt for the week is absolutely perfect for this. So....


13 Things to Know About Me:

{one} I'll start with the basics. I'm Alexis. I have been married to my college sweetheart, Casey, for almost eight years. We started our family off with a fur baby. Rory is a 7.5 lb Alaskan Klee Kai. She is a really great dog cat who enjoys sunning herself, grooming herself, not eating food on the floor, and dislikes new people. If you come to the house, odds are she won't let you pet her. Next we had the twins, Tripp and Davis, who are 19 months old today. They are the lights of my life. Everyday they put a smile on my face and bring laughter to my lips. This age is FUN. We were then surprised with a third little dude, James, who is six weeks old. He is the snuggly, cuddly, lover that the twins never were and the perfect addition to our family.


Our first family photo.

My three loves.

{two} I'm infertile. Funny to say as a mama to three. But true. I blogged our infertility journey and am very open about our experience. If you are struggling to conceive, you aren't alone. 1 in 8 couples struggles with infertility. You are not alone! Infertility feels like a lonely, isolating place though. If you are trying to conceive please reach out. I would love to support you.

{three} I am working on my PhD. I am ABD. This means I am "all but dissertation." I have completed all of the required coursework and portfolio work and exams. All I have left is my dissertation. I am a doctoral candidate. This means I have successfully defended my dissertation proposal and I am now in the writing phase. I've actually completed my first rough draft and I am now in the cleaning up and editing phase.

{four} I get immense joy and relaxation from a cup of tea and drink at least one basically every day.

{five} I never ate chocolate growing up. I didn't like it. I would get a chocolate chip cookie from the cafeteria in high school and pick out the chocolate chips to just eat the cookie. I do eat chocolate now. As my much larger clothing size can attest.

{six} I am the youngest of three kids. My sister is 14 years older than me. My brother is 10 years older than me. I was a surprise. Clearly! Odd coincidence? My husband is also the youngest of three. He has a brother who is 14 years older than him and another brother who is 10 years older. Casey was also a surprise. We were meant just for each other!

{seven} I could live on guacamole. And bacon. They are both perfect foods. Also a perfect food? A BLTA.

{eight} I am really good at remembering things. Really good. Unless it's pop culture and then I'm horrible. This inability to remember actors and movies really hurts me when I do the crossword puzzle. I haven't had time to do a crossword puzzle in roughly 19 months but I still think of myself as a person who does crossword puzzles.

{nine} I'm an introvert. Shocker that the nerdy academic is an introvert right? I do fine in social situations and can make small talk with the best of them but, I really struggle with new people. I'm not good at moving a relationship from acquaintance to friend. This is particularly troublesome now because most of my college friends have moved away or we've drifted apart as I have dealt with infertility, pregnancy complications, preemie infant twins, lockdown, etc over the past years. I need to get better at planning mom dates to get to know people!

{ten} I will someday have a crushed ice machine in my house. Until that day, I will continue with my Sonic addiction. I really love chewing on crushed ice!

{eleven} I need my sleep. It makes me a better person. I just don't do well on less than eight hours. You can imagine how this newborn phase is treating me! I sleep on my right side rolled almost all the way onto my stomach with the covers tucked up tight to my chin. I require a soft blanket to go right next to my face. Even when it is 100+ degrees in Texas I want my down duvet and a soft blanket. When it's hot I do pop one leg out from under the covers though.

{twelve} My favorite color is yellow because it's so gosh darn cheerful. If you ask my husband my favorite color is pink which is the color I buy most often and wear most often. My house is decorated in cool tones which are what I am drawn to in paint and decor. I did paint one bathroom yellow just for smiles though.

{thirteen} I saved the most important for last. I am a Christian. I have been saved by the blood of Christ. I hope that above all else anyone who comes to this little blog can see the light of Christ reflecting. I love The Lord above all else and everyday I strive to put Him first. I fail pretty frequently. Goodness knows I'm not perfect. Goodness knows I'm a sinner. But each day I pray the words of John Wesley's Covenant Prayer and truly to believe them:



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  1. Love, Love, LOVE this post!!!!!!!! I am also a breastfeeding mama, exclusive pumper almost seven months now, and a milk donor for the Mother's Milk Bank of North Texas. I'm blessed to have an abundant supply I can share with critical NICU babies. Can I come over for a bacon-lettuce-tomato-avocado sandwich? I'll even bring the bacon - my parents raise pigs and we have THE BEST bacon on the planet. Seriously. :)

  2. I completely agree with the ice machine and the love for Sonic ice!

    1. Luckily so does my husband. Casey is completely on board with that being a someday must!

  3. OH bacon, how I love thee.
    I'm a sleeper too. I need 9ish usually thankful I don't have kids, I don't know how I'd handle it if I did - but I know I would.
    I think its awesome that you never liked chocolate growing up but like it now.

  4. Oh how I love Guac AND bacon too! Give me a bag of blue chips and some guac and I am good to go. :) YUM! I'm an introvert too! Great 13 list!

  5. I really like your #13 and appreciate how close to completing your PhD you are. Consider me inspired!