Aug 20, 2014


I posted this already. But it applies again this week!

I can't believe it has been a week since I posted! No Friday Faborites even though I had some really great pictures and beautiful moments to share. No weekend update to share our fabulous craigslist find. No thoughts from my heart and I've had a lot recently, including some about the direction I want his blog to go. I have started a few posts, but before anything gets finished the boys wake up from their nap or the baby needs nursed. Life is once again not being kind to the blog. And that is the season I am in. I don't blog or have the iPad out when the toddlers are awake. I focus on them. (Confession: If they are happily playing independently I will scroll through Instagram or Facebook on my phone but I can't write a blog post on the little phone screen.) So, bear with me. I'll get the hang of this mom of three thing. I'll find my rhythm. And I'll start blogging more regularly again.

Two reasons the blog has suffered. Cute aren't they?

Until the time I can write a full blog post, I need to share what is on my heart in condensed "quick before the boys wake up" form:

  • I am registered graduate student again! I haven't registered for class hours or been an "official" student in a few semesters. I don't need any classes or hours to graduate so paying tuition to be a student while I worked at home on my dissertation seemed silly. But, this semester I registered. I have to be a student to defend my dissertation and by paying that big tuition check, I have committed. I am finishing this semester. I am going to graduate. Soon. I'm nervous. I'm overwhelmed. I'm excited. I'm feeling the pressure!
  • To help towards that goal, I believe we have found a nanny. She is going to do a trial run for us on Monday and we will see if she is a good fit for our family. Fingers crossed! I have a few other people to contact, but finding a part time nanny has truly been a challenge. I can't believe how much they get paid! Most of the nannies I have spoken to want $18-20/hr to care for my brood!
  • I poured my heart out this morning during my quiet time and plan to turn it into a blog post. I want my blog to go back to being a faith based place of inspiration. Funny that I wrote more encouraging Godly posts during our infertility journey when I felt so far from God than I do now. I want that to change. I want to get back to sharing my soul with y'all and I think sharing my quiet time musings is a good start. Be on the lookout tomorrow for a post on "where I belong" (which might just make an awesome post title!).
  • I have an abundance of great pictures and cute moments I want to share from the last week and a half. Some of them are on Instagram (follow me @lexyjill if you aren't already!) but most of them are still living on my phone. I might need to stop doing the Friday Favorites linkup and start doing Photo Friday so I can document it all!
It's a bit before the boys should start stirring, so I am going to keep writing and link up with some sweet girls and "finish this." I love this linkup and these prompts because they really allow me to share my heart with other bloggers and connect in a more meaningful way.

I feel stupid when... I am around new people. I don't do well in new social settings. I second guess and replay in my head the silly things I say. I feel stupid for the comments I make and wish I had stayed quite. In new situations, quiet is the safe move! Sadly, my problems with new people aren't because I'm shy, but because I feel insecure. It's that time of year when MOPS and bible study will be starting up again so I will have to face new folks. Nervous doesn't even begin to describe how I'm feeling!

I hope I never... pass on my insecurities to my boys. I want them to be confident and self assured. I want them to be well spoken and feel they can thrive in any situation. I don't want my social insecurities to rub off on them. I also hope I never contribute to anyone else's insecurities in a social situation. I want to be welcoming and affirming to others. I want to be a warm smile and a kind word when someone needs it.

My one piece of advice to the world... is to just be you. I am in love with the MOPS theme for this year: Be you, bravely. I think that sums up what I need to work on! Leave the insecurities behind. Don't worry about others. If I am true to myself and who I am and put God first, the rest will follow. A full post on MOPS and what it has meant to me is on my heart right now and I hope to find time soon to put it all into words and hopefully encourage other mamas to find a group near them. The time of fellowship and encouragement and prayer and community uplift my soul and make this mama heart happy.l


Join in the fun and "Finish This," by finishing the above prompts and linking up your post with the hosts of this party: Nicole {Three 31} Lisa {Coastlined}, and Becky {The Java Mama}.



  1. Can totally relate with the meeting of new people thing. I am the same way. Quiet is definitely the safe way to go! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! What's really funny -- once I know folks I'm loud and outspoken!

  2. Awww, girl, hold your head up high because you are an amazing woman, mother, friend, and daughter of the Most Beloved. No need for insecurities when you faith is secure in Him! Thanks for sharing your heart and your responses this week, I'm so glad you enjoy the link up!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet sweet words!