Aug 4, 2014

my wish

My wishlist. Huh.


Anyone visiting the blog for the August "what's on" linkup is expecting to find some great links to products and splurges. You are expecting to see what's on my wishlist. You probably expect to see my Amazon wishlist. I have a few kitchen things, a few books, some toddlers toys, a new wagon, etc. all marked on my wishlist of potential future purchases. I could have done a post linking to these. I have an etsy favorites list with adorable hand screen printed shirts for the boys, jewelery for me, some truly great art pieces, etc. I could do a whole post on my etsy loves. I though of a few items in my shopping cart at Nordstroms (which are no longer wishlist items. I splurged yesterday on a few pretties before the anniversary sale ended.) I thought of the family birthstone charms I can picture in my head but can't find for sale anywhere to add to my Tiffany bracelet.

On my fourth attempt to sit and write a post about all of these things, I realized I just couldn't muster up the materialistic interest. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing folks recent purchases and product recommendations. Since I'm not trendy or fashionable, it's sometimes helpful for me to see what people with styles I appreciate are lusting after. I've made more than my fair share of purchases based off of blog/Instagram reviews.

But, when I think of my wishlist, I just don't think of these things. I think of my sons. I think of their smiles. I think of their laughter. I think of their futures. And all of my life wishes are for them.



I wish them a life without pain. I don't like seeing them hurting. The tears from a scraped knee and from toddler frustration are both hard to see. I already know that it will break my heart the first time I see one of my boys hurting from another child's mean words. I think seeing their hearts broken in high school will be harder than any break up I ever experienced. I wish them a life without pain. Since I know this is unrealistic... since I know we need pain to grow... I hope my children let me comfort them in their pain.

I wish them laughter.

I wins them a healthy sense of competition.

I wish them forever health. But, I hope that if anything ever does happen they will know just how strong they are and know that together as a family we can survive anything. We have a God who gives us strength and who will lead us through any desert.

I wish them a thirst for knowledge.

I wish them silliness. Always.

I wins them a life where dreams come true and goals are achieved. But, I know life isn't a fairy tale. Dreams don't come true because we wish them. I hope they have the tenacity to chase down their dreams. I hope they follow their hearts.

I wish them joy.

I wish them childlike enthusiasm that they never outgrow.

I wish them support. I wish that they will always surrounded by words of encouragement and people who build them up. But, I know this is naive. I know they will hear mean words. I know they will be discouraged. I hope they never listen when someone tells them they can't do something. Right now, Tripp laughs when I tell him no. As frustrating as this is, I hope he always laughs when people try and limit him. I hope they all turn every no into the desire to try three times as hard.

I wish they always put family first.

I wish them smiles that bring joy back into the world.

I wish them an independence from money and material things. I hope they know to appreciate the people who love them. I hope they see the simple beauty in the things God has given them. I hope they realize money is not where happiness lies. I hope they have the confidence and security to not rely on material possessions. I hope they having giving hearts and understand the value of compassion and know to always give to others.

I wish them curiosity.

I wish them true friendships with each other and others.

I wish them true love. I wish them the love of family and of each other. I wish them the love of a good friend. These things are good. But, I wish them a true love they will someday settle down with. A soulmate. A partner. A companion. I hope they never settle. God has a perfect plan for each of my boys and I hope they wait for His plan for them. I hope they hold out for that perfect person God will place in their lives to complete them.

I wish them playfulness.

I wish them adventure.

If I could have just one wish in all the world, I wish for my boys to always know they are loved, by me, by their daddy, by their families, and by their Father in heaven. Above all, I wish they grow confident in this love and acceptance. If they always know this, the rest can work itself out.