Aug 12, 2014

House Tour: Gameroom and Office


Woohoo! It's house tour time again. I am so excited to be back showing y'all our house. It's such a work in progress with lots of projects in our future, but this is our home. This is the first house Casey and I bought together. This is the house we brought the twins home to. The house we brought J home to. It's a mess. It is stuffed to the gills with toys. And laughter. And babyproofing. And pure joy. This is our home. And I am so excited to welcome you into it again.

In our wanderings thus far, we've seen our family room, which doubles as an evening playroom and corral, our kitchen, our dining room, our outdoor spaces, and two of the four bedrooms, Tripp and Davy's nursery and James' nursery. Today we are continuing this fun linkup with Andrea at Momfessionals and peeking in at our gameroom and office.

Before I get started, let me introduce myself for any of y'all popping in for the link up. I'm Lexy a stay-at-home-mom née doctoral candidate (and hopefully a full PhD by the end of the year!). I'm married to Casey, my college sweetheart and the most amazing man I have ever had the honor of knowing. We have 19

Our family of five!



Our house is divided into two parts. So far, the tour has focused on the "main" house that was built in 1974. The main house is 2,500sqft and has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, the kitchen, dining, living, and laundry room. Today we are heading into the addition that was built in the early 90s. The addition is just over 1,000sqft and has a sunroom, a gameroom, an office, a media room, and a half bath. According to our neighbors (who were the original owners of their home and have been around since the 70s) the guy who did the addition was a famous radio DJ here in Dallas named Ed (any Dallas folks know anything about who this could be?!) who added the addition to be his "man space." He built the gameroom to the appropriate dimensions needed to fit a pool table with no blocked shots and a wet bar. He built a small office with a dark room off of it. He also built a broadcasting studio complete with soundproofing. When we bought the house the broadcast room was listed as a storage room. People didn't know what to do with a 20x20 (ish) soundproof room with no windows. We saw it and immediately thought media room! Sadly, I ran out of time before I could take any pictures of the media room (a post for another day!) but you'll get to see the rest of the space "in the back."

From the front door (picture at top of post) you can see straight back to the sunroom and gameroom. In that photo, the fencing is bright blue. The boys learned to defeat that play yard, so now we have a metal gate.



The sunroom has been glimpsed in many other posts but in case you've forgotten, it's a great and bright little room. I love to sit in here on the glider and drink a cup of tea before the boys wake up. This is where I do my quiet time many mornings (some days I do it from bed), although not any mornings recently. Recently my quiet time is being skipped in favor of sleeping all too often.



Before tackling the main gameroom space, I'll show y'all our little office. Until recently (as in May) this was my office. It has pale green walls and lots of happy pink accents and has been my spot for many many hours of work towards my PhD over the past few years. When we created James' room we no longer had a bedroom to function as Casey's office so we now share this space. At some point it will need to be redecorated in a more gender neutral style so it reflects us both, but for now it isn't a priority.

Office from the door.
Now that Casey and I combined offices (done VERY recently when we created a nursery for J) this little pink and green space is home to triple monitors and some decidedly masculine nicknacks in the overcrowded windowsill. The spartan helmet? Not mine.
Everyone make sure to notice the bottom right picture of skinny college Casey and I.
I miss that body.
Although this one that has grown three little boys is pretty amazing in its own ways.
The closet off of the office.
It was built as a dark room and has a sink and photo drying racks and a spot for a fancy red light.
Then it was my craft closet.
Now it still holds my craft stuff as well as overflow books and office supplies.
And all of our diplomas that have never been framed.


And now the big kahuna of the "back" of our house, the gameroom. Casey still likes to think of this space as his man cave. At one point in time it was a room with a pool table, a dart board, a wet bar, two big wine fridges, a TV, some futons, and all of our crystal wine and martini glasses on display. The only thigh that has been removed is the crystal, but the room doesn't feel so manly anymore. It has decidedly toddler flair!

Sunday night after picking up for the day.
Love these 3Sprouts bins.
A bin for Legos and a bin for blocks.
Toys nicely in baskets and on shelves.
I haven't bought baskets for this space yet. So we're improvising with wine boxes.
Start them with an appreciation from a young age.
Two 50 bottle wine fridges. One is bungee corded shut because the lock broke.
At just 18 months old my boys are already trying to break in to our alcohol.
Very well stocked wet bar that nerve sees action anymore.
And yes. Those are still Christmas decorations hanging in there.
Worst part? They aren't still up from Christmas 2013.
And we didn't put up decorations for Christmas 2012. They've been hanging since AT LEAST 2011.
Layout of the land -- the door with the pink wreath goes to the office. The bifolds are the wet bar. The door on the far right is the half bath. To the right (out of the picture) are doors to the backyard and the media room.
The wall to the left of the office door. The the left of the chair is the door to the sunroom.
Pretty Rory at the back door.
30 minutes into the play day. Not so picked up anymore.
My cup of tea on its third reheating.
Davy playing hard.
By mid-afternoon the floor is getting crowded.
The baby is hiding safely on top of the pool table where his brothers can't smother him with love.
While James swings, Davy decided to swing too.
Poor James. A big huge playroom and everyone is on his mat.


The reality of our gameroom. Every evening before we pick it all back up it looks like this. Or worse. Some days they have asked for every toy off of the shelves and dumped all of the bins and baskets over. This was a relatively clean day!

By evening, it's a big ol' mess!
Toys everywhere
At least a few toys stayed on the shelves though!



  1. Your sunroom looks so peaceful for the morning time. I love the collage above the couch and your butterfly pillow. I love your custom home and all it's extras!