Aug 27, 2014

embrace messy hair

Let's talk hair.

I know you are all wondering whose blog you must be reading.

Yesterday I posted makeup and today hair? I agree. It makes no sense! I'm not this girl! And a post from me on hair, well, basically you should all stop reading now. My hair: not impressive. I am pretty boring and do the same things every day. I embrace messy hair! I have too much else going on in life to stress about my hair.


But, here I am posting on hair.

My daily hair routine consists of... spraying in some dry shampoo, running a brush through, and adding in a soft jersey headband to keep it out of my face. Somedays if I'm leaving the house I will curl or straighten my bangs. Even less frequently I curl or straighten all of my hair. My daily hair routine does not consist of washing and blow drying cause ain't nobody got time for that!


The best hair advice I've received is...use dry shampoo. Y'all this stuff is amazing. I did a full post about it here and listed it as a twin mom essential here. Because seriously it's the best stuff ever!

My hair idol is... hair idol? Umm... What? I'm so out go the fashion/celebrity circles I have no idea who has good hair. Remember, I'm not that girl! If I had to say someone I'd go with Reese Withspoon. Girl has a great side part and gorgeous bangs. Or at least she used to. Does she still? No clue!


Bronzed: The Oscar winner sported a monochrome mini skirt, which showed off her tanned lean legs



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  1. Your hair looks nice! You don't need to do a lot to it to make it look good.

  2. Good pic on the hair idol!! I love Reese!! And your hair is fab my dear. You look great for having 2 little ones at home.

  3. I'm going to have to try this dry shampoo hair is sooo oily if I dont' wash everyday!

  4. I definitely embrace the mess of thick curls that adorn my big head....oh yeah!