Aug 22, 2014

Finally Friday

These past two week. They have literally tried to kill me. In fact, here are what conversations between Casey and I have been looking like.


This season of life is one without much sleep. James is clearly going through a growth spurt and eating CONSTANTLY. And the twins. Well. Tripp and Davy are going through something. It's been a string of really bad nights and short naps. I'm 99% sure they are both getting molars (lots of mouth holding, ear tugging, nose running, and mucus) but I can't see that anything has broken through. And it's been two weeks of not sleeping through the night. Not impressed.

But, this is just a season and before I know it they will all be older and bigger and I will miss these days. Actually, I doubt I ever miss this week. But I will miss my tiny baby. And the toddlers are just so fun right now! So, for Friday Favorites this week I am highlighting some favorite moments from the week. Actually, from the past two weeks. Because I haven't posted much lately! I need to remember that even in the exhaustion and even with all the toddler tears and the hourly nursing sessions, things are good and I am so dang blessed! I am where I belong (Read this post. Seriously. Read.) and things are good.


{---} James tried out his newborn cloth diapers this week. We are out of newborn disposables and back into cloth diapering. Moving beyond the (adorable) diaper, I am just in love with that squishy little face. I'm not in love with adding in cloth diaper laundry to my routine. I know that it wasn't that hard with the twins and we will find a rhythm and get back into it, but at the moment I'm not excited. (Our bank account is though! Our cloth stash is completely paid for!) The twins are also back in cloth and I'm not sure they like them. Davy seemed concerned by the bulk of a nighttime diaper. We're hoping the twins get used to it again!


{---} James is getting so much more interactive and so much more fun! Lots of good times around here!

Tripp stealing J's playmat.
6w5d - transitioned out of his newborn clothes
My very demanding boss! #squishyboss

{---} Awesome play dates. I'm trying to get the big boys out of the house somewhat regularly. They really like getting in the car (and some mornings ask for it! "car car car") so we're going places. But, going places where I can keep up with both toddlers and keep James safe isn't easy. We have to be careful about time becau their aren't many places I can safely nurse while watching them. We also need to choose fairly enclosed locations so the boys can't run off. We met up with a few neighborhood moms last week at JumpStreet which was great. The boys LOVED the trampolines and the bounce house and just had so much fun! I can't wait to take them back! We also did a twin mom play date at one of the moms houses. I get so much out of meeting with other twin moms. At this age play dates can be hard and I sometimes feel ostracized/shunned/judged by the moms with their perfectly behaved singleton. Being around other moms with rough and tumble twins is refreshing! Also - they have the same need for enclosed locations so any twin mama play date is safe for them!

Photo from June. But this is the group we played with!

{---} This week we met with my sister and her kids and played in the mall playspace. The boys loved seeing their cousins and I loved having other people chase them! The mall we went to (Collin Creek for all y'all locals) has a great play area but it's a pretty much abandoned mall. Stores are leaving and being replaced by things I've never heard of. Even the Dillard's went out of business recently. But. But. One of those abandoned stores opened up as a place called Those Animals. I've never heard of it before, but I'm impressed. They are (fake) animals you rent and drive around the mall. I paid for the kids to ride for a bit and it was so much fun! Confession: I'm a bit jealous I didn't rent one for myself!


{---} Casey and I went on a date. Sort of. We brought along a third wheel. But it was nice getting out of the house and meeting up with friends to celebrate Christine's 30th on Saturday! The twins stayed home with their Nano, Papa, and cousins and had a blast!


{---} I'm not sure my heart will ever be ever to handle my rough and tumble boys! Davy is climbing onto and out of everything. Sometimes it gets him in trouble.


{---} We found an amazing deal on a PBK Carolina table on Craigslist and the boys are loving it. And loving the Oreos I let them eat at the table. They've never had cookies for snack time before! And Oreos are dairy free!


{---} It's almost football season!! Our tickets arrived last week!!


{---} And just because it's cute...




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