Aug 26, 2014


It's favorite things day! I love this monthly link up where you spy the inexpensive (under $10) little goodies other folks have their eyes on.

This week I'm cheating a bit. One of the products I'm highlighting is $10. The rest are a bit more but still really great and worth the cost.


No makeup. Horrible skin.

If you know me at all, you know I'm not a girly girl. I don't read fashion/beauty magazines. I couldn't tell you what the latest trends are. I wear makeup so I don't scare people (hello adult acne and under eye craters) but it's pretty minimal. I'm a concealer, tinted sunblock, powder, mascara, tinted chapstick girl. But sometimes, a bit of eye color is nice. Occasionally a lightweight foundation makes a huge difference

So, when my mascara started running low I took the plunge and ordered new makeup from Younique. Wow am I impressed! I'll let the results speak for themselves.

All done up!

Full on shot

Pretty pigments on my eye

I am wearing my usual concealer (from Target. I'm fancy) with the Younique Mineral Touch Cream Foundation. It really smoothed out my skin and looked great. One drawback - my usual tinted sunscreen has, well, sunscreen. So using this means I need to buy new sunblock and add a step. I also have on Younique Blusher in Sweet which is a great soft pink that looks great and natural with my pale skin. I'm using two different eye shadows. Most of my eye has Younique Pigment in Sexy and then I lined my eye in Feisty. I'm also wearing Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lucky. I actually don't love the color. It's a really nice mauve but it's pretty dark for my skin. In the later photos I added a coral lip crayon overtop (clearly should go under but the gloss was already on) and it helped the color out quite a bit. Finally, the star of the shoe is the 3d Fiber Lashes. Amazing!! My lashes have never looked so full or so long!


My face.

And, the pigments are only $10! That's less than I normally pay for my "good" makeup and not much more than my Target eyeshadows. For the rest of the prices, you can go check out my friend Lauren's sales page. Y'all I'm not a makeup person but I just can't get over how amazing this stuff is. I've never had a mascara work so well and stay on so long. I didn't take an end of day picture and should have because wow! I still had a full face of makeup on. I don't know how such light, easy, not caked on makeup does that. Magic!


Eyes before and after


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  1. You are looking beautiful, mama. I'm so glad you're loving it!

    The foundations actually have a natural SPF 15 thanks to the mineral component. It offers a natural barrier to the sun. However, I still do the extra step of sunscreen because I'm OBSESSED with sunscreen. ALL THE SUN PROTECTION!

    For those interested, my sales page is here: