Aug 29, 2014

dairy free sweet treats

This week has been rough. Really emotionally draining. I suspected J might have a milk protein intolerance rather than reflux. We have been down this path before, but as I wrote on Wednesday, seeing that bloody diaper and then having it confirmed by the pediatrician is just hard.

Although I know most babies outgrow MPSI before they even start solid foods, my experience is with Davy whose reactions have gotten worse over time. Davy's diagnosis was actually changed from a milk protein intolerance to a milk protein allergy (they aren't the same thing). I've been down this path before. And my heart just breaks for my poor Davy. I am in constant fear every time he is in public that he will pick something up. Any play date we go to with goldfish or other snacks leaves me emotionally drained by then because I have to be on such high alert. The idea of going through it all again? Terrifying!

But for now, I need to hand the long term fears over to God. I need to focus on having dairy free breastmilk. I need to focus on what I eat.

So, for Friday Favorites this week, a few favorite dairy free sweet treats.

{---} You can't talk dairy free foods without talking Oreos. Oreo creme? Not really cream. They are dairy free. If you are an Oreo fan you have to go check out this funny comparing Oreos, Double Stuffs, and Regular Stuffs.

{---} A number of dairy free "ice creams" exist. Most fruit gelatos are dairy free. Most sorbets are dairy free. A number of companies make ice cream using coconut milk (which is delicious and creamy). My very favorite? NadaMoo Maple Pecan Ice Cream. Yum. Just yum.


{---} Duncan Hines Brownie Mix. My delicious go to for dairy free entertaining! Many of the cake mixes are also dairy free. Good stuff!

{---} Marshmallows and marshmallow cream. Nutter butter sandwiches can still happen! And if I read labels carefully most dark chocolate is dairy free. Combine with graham crackers (which are dairy free) and s'mores are a go.

{---} Trader Joe's Cookie Butter. Yum. Just yum. Spread it on a graham cracker and you have dessert.

Cookie Butter


{---} Pop Tarts. I agree it's a stretch to call these a treat but they are dairy free. And we still gave some in out pantry because I craved them in the early stages of this last pregnancy!

{---} Nutter Butter cookies. Another processed dairy free cookie. Doesn't rank as high as a MegaStuff Oreo but still an awesome cookie option.

{---} And the clear dairy free winner? Making it yourself. I can make Dole Whip (sorta tastes right). I can make cookies. I can make cakes. I can make bars. I can really make it all! Vegan ingredients are great to find for dairy free living! Yesterday while I was wallowing, I baked. It's relaxing on a rough day! I made maple-peanut butter-chocolate chip- oatmeal cookies with sea salt {recipe} and they are every bit as amazing as the name sounds!



Do you have a favorite dairy free treat or recipe? I'd love to hear!



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