Jul 3, 2014

Why James?

When we were choosing names for this third little monkey I blogged about the meaning and sentiment behind Tripp and Davy. You had to know this name is just as special!


James Michael Cass

While Tripp was named after the Cass family and Davy was named for my family, James Michael is a perfect blend.

When we first started thinking of names we noticed a few similarities between Tripp and Davy. Their legal names, Charles and Davis, are both solid, traditional, masculine names ending in the -s sound. We made a list of names that fit that criteria. They both had family names that represented people who are important to us. So we made a list of names that fit that criteria. And one name stuck out on both lists: James.

James Davies was my maternal grandfather who passed away in July 2002, right after I graduated from high school. He was a special man who sacrificed everything for his family. He took a huge risk and moved his family of four thousands of miles from home across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States to make a better life. I can only hope our son grows up with that level of bravery and devotion to family. Michael is Casey's father's name (and the only living persons name we've used in naming). Casey looks up to his Dad for so many things and to honor him in this way just felt right. Michael is also Casey's oldest brother's legal first name, but he chose not to pass the name on to his son.

As of now, we don't have any plans to use a nickname for James. I thought the twins might end up calling him "J" for simplicity, but neither have managed to make the sound yet so I don't know what they will call him. For perspective they currently call each other Day-day which is only a slightly almost imperceptibly different sound than the Da-da they use for their Daddy.


James: "he who supplants"; a variant of Jacob


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  1. I love family names. They are traditional, honorable, and are just extra special. My family also keeps names and it is interesting to look back at my great grandfather's photos and see who was who.