Jul 4, 2014

when T&D met J

Yesterday the twins came up to the hospital to meet their new baby brother. It was a complete non-event.


"Best Big Brothers" exploring the hospital.

I knew Tripp and Davy had no concept of this new baby who would be joining their world. I knew they wouldn't be excited to see him. I also knew they didn't need to see me all hooked to IVs and wires and focus on that. For that reason, we chose to wait until Thursday to have them come to the hospital rather than come Wednesday afternoon. We also had all the grandparents here so Tripp and Davy would feel plenty loved and doted on when they saw James.

I think I set myself up to be a bit disappointed.

Neither of the twins had a lick of interest in seeing me or James because seeing all of the grandparents was much more exciting. In a choice between seeing baby brother and eating crackers and milk, the "ca-kas" win hands down!

They weren't upset at all, which was good, but they were overstimulated and spent more time wandering around the hospital than they did in the room so I barely got to see them. I know this was better for Tripp and Davy, but it doesn't change that I was upset after they left that I didn't get to see them more. It also doesn't change that I was upset we didn't get a first family photo or a picture of both boys with James.

As I said, we chose to have all of the grandparents here to make the first meeting easier on the twins, but I never considered how much harder it would be on me that way. We'll just have to get lots of sweet pictures when we all get home!

All three boys and the grandparents.

Tripp saying "aaa-aaah baby" and petting his new brother.

Davy saying "aaa-aaah baby"

Closest thing to the dream "mama and all her babies" picture we got.
And mama didn't even know it was being taken.

Tripp opening his present from James.

Davy opening his present from James.

Davy came to see the baby Mommy was holding.

Best Brother Ever


  1. Such beautiful photos! You've got yourself an army of boys :) :)