Jul 8, 2014

what's on

Today I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for her "What's On" monthly linkup series. We have previously covered what's on my DVR (click here for my embarassing TV habits), what's on my nightstand, what's on (or more appropriately not on) my walls and today we are talking menus!

I am not an elaborate meal planner. I really admire the people who do monthly meal plans with healthy foods all thought out. I'm not that person. I am a planner though.

On Sundays I spend some time mapping out my week. I transfer all of the information from my monthly calendar into the weekly view for the week ahead. I use the weekly view notes page to write in my goals for the week, any things that need done (thank yous to mail, bills to pay, etc) and at the bottom of the page I plan out 3-5 meals for the week. I never plan 7 meals because Casey is rarely in town for the whole week and so I don't cook for just myself when he's gone. I also find that we have leftovers at least one night and enjoy the flexibility of takeout or going to a restaurant. I have a few "go to" meals that I always have ingredients for if I run out of planned meals. Here is my notes page from a few weeks back.


And here is my page for this week.


Only one goal. No tasks. No meals.

On Saturday and Sunday we ate the take home meal the hospital sent us home with (lasagna, sautéed squash, salad, and breadsticks). Last night we had takeout Chinese. Today, Casey's mom is bringing meatloaf when she comes to watch the twins (Casey and I are taking James to his first pediatrician appointment) and I am guessing we will get two meals out of it. We have all of the ingredients on hand to make tacos in the crock pot and we have avocados for fresh guacamole so one night we'll do that. Basically, this week, we are winging it!

Not a very exciting week for our menu. But it's real life!

This little cutie and my favorite big brothers are getting all of my focus this week (as they should!).

What's on your menu? Any favorite (dairy free) recipes I can quickly throw together while wearing a newborn and entertaining two toddlers?

Join in the linkup and look ahead at what is in store for next month!



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