Jul 13, 2014

Week One

So many bloggers do a weekend update on Mondays. It's really pretty overdone, right? Much cooler is to do a full week update to make up for not blogging all week!

These are all things that I intended to do full blog posts about and probably should do full posts about, but it just isn't going to happen. So prepare for bullet and photo overload!

  • Saturday (July 5) we were discharged from the hospital. The twins stayed one more night at my moms house so we had the night to settle back into the house, get unpacked, and remember just how frequently a newborn wakes up! It was great having that bit of time to ourselves to soak up the small fry.
Hospital discharge day.
Leaving the hospital!
A glimpse into the newborns schedule!
  • Even better than a night without the twins was Sunday with them! My mom brought them back home before lunch so we had all day to play together and let them get acquainted with James. The boys had so much fun at my mom's place and really loved her fish pond (with no fish because they would boil in the Texas sun). (Don't ask how we know fish can boil in her pond.)
"Fish" pond fun!
He looks so big!!
  • Once they were home, they were FAR more interested in him than they were at the hospital. They love to "pet him" and help him "wock, wock, wock." We have always said "aa-aaah doggy" to help them remember to use sweet hands and pet the puppy. We have been using the same phrase for the baby and it seems to be working pretty well (unless James is in the swing and then the boys wock him hard enough to give the poor baby whiplash and occasionally maul him with not so sweet hands or even the occasional shovel). Sadly, we haven't gotten a single picture of the three boys together! Things to work towards...
  • On Tuesday Casey's parents came over for a bit to hang out with the twins while Casey and I took James to his first pediatrician appointment. He weighed in at 6lbs13oz, so still below his birthweight (of 7lbs3oz) but above his hospital discharge weight (6lbs10oz). The pediatrician confirmed what we already know: James is a perfect little boy!
  • Wednesday, the small fry turned one week old!
  • Also on Wednesday, we ended up at my doctors office because of some funny business with my incision. It turned out to be nothing, but it was worth getting checked out. Afterwards, we stopped by my mom's house for lunch and Tripp completely melted. He was terrified that we were leaving him again! The separation anxiety we have avoided for so long struck in full force this week. Darn!
  • Thursday we got out of the house for a few hours and enjoyed the playspace at the Galleria and walking through the mall. I was sad that the best picture I got was this blurry shot, but that's just life with toddlers! Luckily Casey got a few better ones!
  • Saturday Casey and I were superparents! We did all the things. We fixed our sprinkler system - a huge accomplishment that has needed done for a while. Okay, so we didn't fix the sprinklers, but we arranged to have the guys here who did. Totally counts. I also got my daily load of laundry into the washer -- but that's as far as it made it. Our washer broke partway through the load and left the clothes sitting in a basin full of water. Casey worked on fixing it (and realized he can't do much until he can buy a part on Monday) while I hand washed the load of laundry and got it into the dryer. I also managed to make dinner from scratch, a rare thing the last few weeks! I'm tired just typing all that we did!
  • Sunday, Tripp and Davy celebrated 18 months! I feel like they were just born and somehow they are already toddlers!
My big boys!
My 18 month olds with their "di-o-oar"
  • We also had Casey's brother and his family over on Sunday to meet James. It's such a huge change being able to introduce the newest member of the family so quickly! No lockdown for premature babies! We didn't realize just how different having preemies was until now having a newborn. It's a completely different experience and we are feeling clueless like first time parents!
  • While they were here, we asked them to take a picture of our family, the first of the five of us!
First photo attempt and J spits up.
Out his nose.
Perfect shot of Casey and the twins but I'm looking for a burp cloth to clean up the small fry.
One of many out takes. Photographing toddlers isn't easy!

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