Jul 1, 2014

Tomorrow is J-Day

Tomorrow is the day.


It's on my calendar so it must be real!

Tomorrow is J-Day!!


In 24(ish) hours I will be a mother of three. I will have three little boys! I can't begin to describe just how blessed I am. I never imagined I would be at this place. I still can't believe it!


Loungewear my last night as a mama of two in this house. Eeek!!
Glad I had on a cute headband for my hair since I barely slept.
36w6d pregnant

Last night was actually our last night in our house as a family of four and I laid awake in my bed with everything feeling so surreal. Our lives will change so very much! How did the past 37 weeks (okay well 30 weeks since I knew I was pregnant) glide by slowly but all of a sudden it's time to deliver?!?

I think I have been so very busy the last few weeks trying to get everything ready that I haven't taken the time to prepare my mind. We have a completed nursery (well, minus the crib skirt which I just ordered and the train tracks which I didn't order quite enough of so will have to complete later). We have a clean and functional guest room. The offices were successfully combined and organized. What used to be my craft closet has transitioned well into craft and office storage. I found a home in the kitchen for all the bottles and pump parts.

The house is ready! But am I?

In my sleepless night last night I focused on preparing my heart so I am ready to wake up Wednesday morning in my mom's house and head a few miles down the road to meet my third son.

Funny enough, I came to a huge realization last night. I'm not worried about sleeping. I'm not worried about nursing (although I won't hesitate to do a frenectomy on this little guy - such a game changer with the twins!). I'm not worried about finding a routine. I'm not worried about keeping the house clean. I'm not worried about me time. I'm not worried about my marriage. But I'm worried.


Three in 18 months. How is this going to work?!

My worry is about being a mother to three. I'm worried about comforting three babies when they all cry. I'm worried about the weeks when I can't lift my biggest babies and helping them make the transition. I'm worried about being the best possible version of myself, the best mommy I can be to all three. I'm worried about capturing the special moments with all three of my boys and treasuring all of them as unique individuals.

But, the truth is, God knew what he was doing when he planned Baby J. God knows that I can't handle this alone. But with Him and through Him and by His grace, I can do it! Casey and I can do this. And it's going to be great!



Post your loungewear photo and join in with your #mommyreality

The image:
wearing a beautiful, soft, flowy Natori dress as loungewear at 9 months pregnant.

The reality:
-Hair that hasn't been washed in four days. (Headband hides grease.)
-Legs that haven't been shaved in even longer because I can't see them.
-Huge rip up the left side of the dress from wearing a non-maternity dress while expanding.
-No wedding rings on.
-Can't find my glasses so vision is blurry.
-Not a stitch of makeup on (flattering light I guess?)
-A huge zit that just showed up to welcome J to the world.
-And just don't care because it's comfy!

A Lavender Life




  1. Thoughts and prayers with y'all tomorrow!

  2. How exciting!! The birth of each of my babies was so exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. Hugs for this special time in your life and so glad you linked up with the mommy reality challenge. BTW, you look amazing!

    1. It is a really exciting time!! And thank you for the compliment!

  3. You look amazing! I had to keep scrolling at the pic when you were ticking off all the stuff wrong with your "look" like it was a seek & find that I was LOSING. Thanks for linking up with us for your very special occasion!

    1. Most of the problems (like the gigantic rip) were below the photo. It wouldn't have been publicly appropriate otherwise!

  4. In all your pregnant reality you do look good. Hope the arrival of your third baby in eighteen months goes smoothly and I am sure you will cope just fine.

    1. Thank you so much. So far so good!!