Jul 21, 2014

first try

Remember Wednesday when I posted it would be a while before I ventured forth with three kids by myself? Remember Wednesday when I explained why my confidence to take all three out alone just wasn't there? Remember this post?

Well, God certainly has a sense of humor!

Thursday night before bed Davy had a bit of a fever (101.5) so we gave him some Advil and prepared for a sleepless night with a sick kid and a newborn. Much to our surprise, he only had one wake up around 4AM and at that point his fever was gone.

Friday morning, Casey got up and headed back to work. Paternity leave was over and I was on my own with my trio. I thought to myself, thank goodness Davy doesn't have a fever anymore because that could make for a rough first attempt at solo parenting all three.

I thought too soon.


We nursed a lot Friday morning.

We had a great morning playing and figuring out our rhythm. Clearly we have kinks to work out (like the boys escaping the play yard every time I tried to nurse - and on Friday I nursed a lot!) but things were really good. My mom called mid-morning to check in and make sure I didn't need help and I told her I was fine. Because I was. My first try solo parenting three was going well.

I spoke too soon.

I put the boys down for their nap and Davy really struggled to fall asleep. After he fussed for a bit, I went in around 1 and he felt warm so I gave him Advil. When he woke up from his nap at 2:30 (too soon!) his fever had spiked to 103.6! (That's high. And for just after Advil, that's really high!)


It took 30 minutes to get them all loaded in and the bag packed!

And that's how I found myself loading all three boys into the car. And carrying the infant carrier with one hand while pushing the double stroller with the other all the way up to the pediatricians office.


Despite spending 30 minutes getting out the door, I left without shoes for the boys. Fail.

Luckily it turned out to be nothing. He has a very high fever and the "summer flu" so rotate Tylenol/Advil every three hours for a few days and go back for a follow up if he is still having on/off fevers by Tuesday. But, this pathetic face needed to be checked out.



So, fear conquered? Not quite.

But I did it!

I loaded all three boys up and got out of the house.

By myself.

Casey did meet us at the office to help keep the toddlers entertained because two little boys in the pediatricians office while we wait (and wait...and wait...) is rough stuff on the best of days so I wasn't solo for the whole outing, but I'm still counting it.


I'd follow up our Friday adventure with a weekend update, but I don't have anything to share!


We did a lot of snuggling.

We did a lot of book reading.

All the boys took baths.
But this one wouldn't sit still to show off his curly just bathed hair.
Even blurry I can't resist this happy face!

Not eventful. Not many pictures. But it was a pretty great weekend!

And today, I'm giving solo parent of three another try. Hoping today is much less eventful than my first attempt.


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  1. Glad that Davy is OK :) ...he doesn't seem to like selfietime.