Jul 29, 2014

Citrus Lane and a Favorite

It's Favorite Things time again. Once again this month I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals to share a favorite thing under $10.


This month I'm finding this antibacterial hand spray from Honest Co. absolutely indispensable. With a new baby in the house, I'm very concerned with the twins dirty germy hands. But, at only 18 months old, I can't go ask them to wash their hands or even count on them rubbing their hands together for a hand sanitizer gel. This spray is perfect! A few spritzes and we're on our way. AND if you aren't an Honest subscriber, this hand sanitizer is now available at Target!

Yes. Another reason for my Target addiction!


It's also time to review our Citrus Lane subscription box contents again. Out of the box, this one doesn't appear to be a hit. I'm excited to work through the math and determine the value proposition though. Maybe it's better than it initially appears.

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This month we received:

  • My First Phone from Plan Toys I have seriously mixed opinions on this one. It is a high quality, sustainable, low-tech toy, which I love. But, it seems a bit young for my 18 month olds. I don't expect this toy to be a hit, but the boys still play with a Chicco infant phone and love holding it to their ears and having a conversation so perhaps this phone will get the same treatment. I'm interested to see if the boys notice that the "screen" of this phone is actually a magnifying glass. The phone is priced at $14.99 on Amazon.
  • Silicone Placemat from Oogaa Meh. Our boys don't do great with plates when we are out to eat and placemats are one solution to that. Another solution is to bring antibacterial cleaning cloths to wipe off the table and let them eat right off it. Much easier than lugging a placemat! Honestly, with two boys carrying a placemat was too much. With three boys, this will likely never even make it out of the box. Price to purchase is $12 on Amazon but I give it no value. Not age appropriate. Not useful.
  • Aqueduck Faucet Extender I'm pretty excited about this one! The twins aren't quite mature enough to stand in front of the sink and brush teeth or wash hands but I know it is only a matter of time. If I blink a few times they'll be doing these things and we'll appreciate a safe and easy way to help them reach the water. At only $9.73 on Amazon, I might have these all over my house if it works well!
  • Plum Organics Mighty 4 Pouch. With yogurt. Whomp. Whoop. Again, this months box contained food. Again, it had dairy. Again, I had to throw it away. No value. At all.
  • Sample Sized Sunscreen. I've said before that a tiny little sample bottle of a product doesn't do it fir me. That's not what I am paying for when I subscribe. And a tiny sunscreen that is MAYBE one application? Not a winner. No value. At all.
The total value of this box is $23.73, even less than last month's disappointing $27.79. Since I'm currently paying $15 a month, the math works, but once my promotional price ends and this costs up to $25/month (depending on how many months you prepay for) this would be really disappointing.


If you would like to subscribe to Citrus Lane, use my link and you get 50% off of your first month and I get store credits so I can try it out for one more month! And, just FYI, this post does contain Amazon Affiliate links. So, I did all the work and linked directly to the box products for you and in exchange I make a few pennies.



  1. Those duck facet extenders do look pretty handy. It will make practicing good hygiene just that much easier for younger children.

  2. I use a spray hand sanitizer and can't live with out it -- so convenient! So glad it comes in handy for your kiddos. :) Thanks for sharing.