Jun 19, 2014


It's ironic that the One Year and Beyond post on "finding time to blog" is my first post this week. I had some great posts planned. A Father's Day update, a Nailed It post on my Father's Day gift, another post in my Panic Series, and another post for the Finish This linkup. But none of them are finished (yet).

I haven't found time to blog this week!

Before the twins were born I blogged my pregnancy regularly. After they were born, I managed to continue blogging by using my iPad and blogging while I pumped. And then they started crawling. And the blog completely disappeared. Around January, I started realizing how much I missed it. I missed that me time. I missed having an outlet to express myself. I missed the connections with other bloggers. I missed blogging!

So in February of this year, I picked it up again. And finding the time isn't easy, but it is so very important to me to have this time. So here is a typical night for me...

7:00 start bedtime for the twins

7:30 cheerfully exclaim that they are asleep! (Yay!)

7:35 Casey and I try to eat at 6:15 while the boys are awake, but lately Casey has been working late and I have had ZERO interest in food so dinner has been pushed back a bit. Not healthy, but it is what it is.

8:00 Watch a TV show with Casey. It's our nightly date night and time together! (lately we've been watching Boardwalk Empire -- sooooo good!)

8:50 A few chores and house straightening..ugh

9:00 Casey goes to the office to play video games while I head to the bedroom to watch a show and blog on the iPad.

So that's my trick -- I don't blog on a computer where I have to give it dedicated time. I blog on the iPad from bed at night. While multi-tasking and watching So You Think You Can Dance.

Occasionally, I don't finish a post on time and so I wake up a bit earlier and finish in the morning. I am very fortunate that my boys like to sleep and don't wake up until 7:45/8:00 (and happily chatter and play in their cribs for 15-20 minutes after they wake!). I wake up at 6:30ish most mornings to have a cup of tea and enjoy some time with God. (Lately I've been slacking on this time because I am SO exhausted. Pregnant with twin toddlers is no joke!) If I have a blog post that needs finished in the morning I push my wake up time to 6ish to get it done.

I know many people blog during naptime, but naptime is when I eat lunch, fold laundry, and lay down to rest myself. No blogging then - although I will frequently read blogs at naptime.

But this week. Oh, this week!

On Sunday at our Father's Day celebration, Tripp got sick. He was miserable Sunday night and all day Monday. On Tuesday he seemed a bit better, but far from well. Only, I started feeling bad. I thought I was just exhausted from taking care of one sick toddler while keeping up with a sick toddler. Nope. Wednesday morning Davy and I BOTH fell victim to the stomach bug. Casey decided to come home from work to help out and cancel his out of town trip. Not even 15 minutes after he got home, this virus claimed it's fourth victim in our family.


So basically this week I have washed puke from my hair repeatedly, done countless loads of laundry, snuggled my poor sick boys, cleaned nasty explosive diarrhea out of a highchair, cleaned vomit out of a highchair, done more laundry, and now I'm fighting to keep some water down because preterm labor is NOT in the plan (so dehydration isn't an option!).



  1. awww haha love this!!!! I know that puke in the hair feeling!

  2. Oh my gosh! What a week you've had! Sick toddlers plus being pregnant. You deserve a medal for all that. I don't know how you find the time to blog either! You're amazing.

    1. The blog has certainly suffered but it's my "me time" so I'm not ready to give up on it!