May 20, 2014

She's Out There

When we started trying to have kids, I started praying. Not just for us and for our future child, but for another set of parents out there somewhere embarking on the parenthood journey as well. For these people would be my child's future in-laws.

When we found out we were pregnant, I prayed. Not just for the baby babies I was carrying but for another mom moms out there somewhere. I prayed for that mom those moms and her their health. I prayed for a healthy pregnancy for all of us. I prayed that she had someone to support her and treasure her and lean on through her pregnancy. I prayed for the health of the baby girls.

When we found out both twins were boys, I prayed. I prayed that I could be a good boymom. I prayed that I could raise good and Godly men. I prayed for their future wives. I prayed for their future families and future relationships.

Now, praying for these mystery women isn't something I do everyday. Everyday I pray for my sons. I pray for their character, their spirit, their unique little personalities. I pray they will grow into the type of godly men who will attract a godly woman. And occasionally God stirs my heart and I pray for that woman. I pray for her the days my own marriage feels like work - those days Casey and I feel disconnected. I pray for her on those perfect days when my marriage grows stronger and my heart overflows with joy. I pray for her anytime I hear of a friend in a struggling relationship or going through a divorce. I pray for her when I hear of a friend who has found his/her match.


Here is what I pray:

I pray she knows The Father loves her. Knowing a father's love is huge for anyone, particularly little girls. Much research focuses on the fact that girls will find a man to say they love them. If it isn't their dad or a positive male role model, it is likely to be the 16 year old boy down the street who sweet talks them into bed. The girl I pray for is too young for those concerns yet, but she isn't too young for a father's love. She also isn't too young for The Father's love.

I pray she is naive. I don't mean I pray she is gullible and clueless. I pray she doesn't focus on the horribleness of the 24hr news cycle and the gruesome things that happen in this world. I pray she has hope even when things seem hopeless. I pray she believes in the good in people. I pray she loves and serves others. I pray she is sweet.

I pray she loves Jesus. If she doesn't knows He loves her, and she doesn't keep her sweet, but she loves Jesus, she will be okay. Because this last thing, this most important thing, it drives everything. A deep seated love and relationship with Christ will bring back the sweet, the naïveté. It will help her love and accept herself enough to confidently go forward knowing He loves her. So above all, I pray she is madly in love, obsessed even, with Jesus!

I'm just a mortal mom and I want the world for my boys. So obviously I want her to be pretty, be smart, be talented, have great friends, be witty, laugh at his jokes, have parents I enjoy spending holidays with, be driven, be his true match. But if she loves Jesus, the rest will fall into place!

So I pray.




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