Jun 25, 2014

June Citrus Lane Review

The last few months, I have blogged about our Citrus Lane subscription box contents and reviewed the value proposition. As I said in my April box review, in our months with Citrus Lane we have had boxes we loved and some misses. Before I am up for renewal, I need to decide if the monthly box subscription is worth renewing.

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Read my review from our first month as Citrus Lane subscribers here.


This month we received:

The total value of this box is only $27.79. It isn't as high as I would like to see the value, but it does make it a good value so I'm currently paying $15 a month. Just the wet bag (which I'm ├╝ber excited about) makes up most of the needed value.


If you would like to subscribe to Citrus Lane, use my link and you get 50% off of your first month and I get store credits so I can try it out for one more month! And, just FYI, this post does contain Amazon Affiliate links. So, I did all the work and linked directly to the box products for you and in exchange I make a few pennies.


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