Jun 11, 2014

investments and red lipstick [finish this]

The best compliment I ever received … is a frequent comment from my husband: "I had to lock you up early. You were a too good investment to let go." We got married young, just a few months after I graduated from college at 21 so that first part is the simple truth. But calling me a good investment? I love that. First, it just fits my husband - the finance guy. But, more importantly, I love all that implies about the future! You don't invest in the present, you invest in the future. You invest in a retirement plan. You invest in the future of the stock market. You commit your resources to these things. You work at them and you look forward to the future!

Young and in love on our honeymoon.
Our whole future ahead of us!

Wearing red lipstick makes me feel … like a tramp. I know many women feel sexy or empowered in a bold red lip. I'm not one of them. I feel fake. I feel trashy. And so I don't do red. On my lips, nails, anywhere. I probably just haven't found the "right red" -- any makeup gurus want to give me some tips?

The best investment I’ve made … is in my marriage. As I said above, an investment is anything you commit to in order to get a return. I invest my time, heart, energy, and full soul into my marriage and I reap a huge return on my investment! My husband is my rock, my love, my confidante, my partner, my co-parent, and my favorite person. I'm fortunate that I still get butterflies when I see him! But, marriage isn't about the butterflies or the feelings. My marriage is a covenant relationship, a full decision to commit that we both make every single day. Each day I choose Casey. I choose to love him, even when I'm not sure I like him that moment. I choose to help him and put him first even when I'm exhausted. I choose to listen and support him. I choose to work through any issues. I choose to walk beside him through life. Every day I choose to invest in our marriage and commit myself fully, even when it isn't easy.


My best childhood memory … is hard to choose! I had a really happy, blessed childhood. I am so fortunate to have grown up in a family that spent a lot of quality time together. Most of my best memories are of this time as a family. We almost always had a backyard pool and the whole clan (plus friends!) would gather out back to grill and swim. This was so common that when my brother-in-law was dating my sister he referred to our house as the Miller Zoo due to the number of folks running around. We took big two week vacations as a family and frequent short camping trips. My favorites were to Mustang Island, a state park on the Gulf of Mexico just outside of Port Aransas. We hung out on weekends. My parents never missed a big event in my life. They were on the sidelines for all the soccer games and in the audience at every piano recital. On Sundays we would explore open houses (I come by my love of house snooping honestly!). I have so many great memories growing up and every one involves my family. I hope that Casey and I are able to provide an upbringing like mine for our boys!


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  1. Love your honeymoon pic! And marriage is definitely an investment. And with no marriage manual, it's a work in progress! (at least mine is LOL!) I don't do red lipstick, or red nails either! :-)

  2. What wonderful candid answers! I think it's awesome/wonderful/slightlyhilarious your husband considered you an investment :) And what a blessing to have such a strong family that was supportive and encouraging while growing up! Sounds like you really did have an incredible childhood!

  3. BUWAHAHAHA I'm so with you on the red lipstick equals tramp status. That literally made me laugh, or perhaps I snorted instead. Either way, I love it. Thanks for linking up with us again! (p.s. Yeah for amazing family and fun memories too, we're so blessed.)

  4. That is such a sweet compliment from your husband!

  5. You are one lucky woman!

    I love your honeymoon pic.

    Have a great week!