Jun 13, 2014

I never knew how much I could love you...

My darling Casey,

This year on your (30th) birthday I walked down memory lane a bit with a post just for you. Well, I don't want you getting a big head or anything, but this one is for you too!

Not so few years ago, we fell in love. We had each other and time to enjoy. We slept in late, went on endless date nights, enjoyed brunches and late night movies. It was easy to make time for each other.

But now, it isn't just us anymore. I have the honor of sharing you with two (almost three!) little boys. You aren't just my husband. Now, you're a dad. You have gained a pretty impressive title!

Our parenthood journey is just beginning. But this year, for your second Father's Day, I'm sharing the top five reasons I love you even more now that you're a dad.



You WANT to be a dad. Our journey to become parents wasn't smooth or easy. But through it all, you never waivered from your desire to be a dad, in whatever way God chose to make that happen. Through the REs and treatments and IVF, you were always upbeat, positive, and sure of the goal. Your desire to be a dad is just as apparent now. I love to watch you being the best father and husband and partner you can be. You love our family and you are passionate about doing what you can to show your love to us. And we love you too!


You dove right in to parenting. In fact, you were visiting the NICU and interviewing the nurses and changing diapers before I was. You were involved with our boys from their first breaths and take your role seriously. You've done overnight feedings, took full responsibility for all bottle washing, walked up and down hallways on fussy nights, done more than your fair share of diaper laundry, and never complained. Parenthood is messy and hard work and you are right in the thick of all of it.


You prioritize us. As the sole breadwinner for our family it would be easy for you to fall into the trap of believing that your paycheck job is the most important thing you do. But you always make us your #1 priority and you are present and involved for all of the important stuff. You make it to all the well-checks and most of the sick visits. You make it to the ultrasounds. You shift your work schedule to make sure we know you are there for us. And we appreciate you!


You are my more patient, better half. When I feel like I'm at the end of my rope, when I lose my cool, when I feel like I can't do it anymore, you are always there to ground me . When the toddler tantrum reaches epic proportions you patiently referee. You are mister calm, cool, and collected. Even when your constant "it'll all work itself out" attitude drives me crazy, I know that it is a wonderful trait to have in my partner and a great trait for our boys to see in their father.


You make me want to be a better mom. Through your love, your patience, and your fun loving spirit, you inspire me to be a better person and a better mom to our boys. You complete our family. I never knew just how much I could love you until I saw how much you loved our boys.



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